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I am actually beginning to feel a little sorry for these guys. It is just a job after all. White House Press Secretary used to be a fine position and one to be proud of. This White House has had to hire Three of them just to try to keep up with all of the lies and spin and it is all too obvious they are not even having fun now and are running out of spin . Any day i expect to see the last one taken out with a straight jacket saying " Duh huh, duh huh duh huh that's all folks" like Pork pig.
Yes, the Supreme court won some respect by actually doing the right thing according to law this time. When I listen to Pelosi, Reed ,and the so called Feminist go off on being afraid of them because of that decision it disgust me no end. To see elected officials and people who are supposed to know better telling lies and spouting off such vial propaganda about Hobby Lobby I have to wonder who is really paying these people to act like this? No one can be this stupid unless they are being influenced by something outside of themselves.
Actually I feel that he does know that he is lying . He is proud of his ability to keep them going and not being made accountable for them. Just as his remarks to Governor Perry in Texas show him once more to be a spoiled ,arrogant, petulant, childish man, his constant lies show him to have contempt for Americans who elected him as well as those who did not vote for him. In truth Obama is a failure all around but will deny to the end and will cast blame for the rest of his life. He did not visit the borders because of fear. He is paranoid lately because he has pushed himself into a corner and is expecting the American people to help him when the chips are down so to speak. He even has guard dogs patrolling the White House now. He wants to feel safe while allowing terrorist and illegals to infiltrate our country by the day. Simply a disgusting man. those who are still accepting his lies are pathetic in the extreme. Everyone by now knows that Obama loves photo ops when they are nice and safe and make him look like he posed for Esquire. Never when they are real.
I just wish that American black people had the ability to stop making everything in the world about themselves and their color and could finally help put a real stop to what has become some of the outright stupidest American voters in the world. Apparently black people are still under the assumption that they are the only people who has suffered because of poverty or because of discrimination, or because of politics. That is not true of course but apparently they believe it to be. Or they just have no ability to try to see that they really are more than 1/2 of the problem in America as far as all of the above are concerned now. The fact that as this article said, this left wing president was elected twice without winning the white vote, clearly proves my point. Obama was elected by majority black because Obama is black. Or rather he prefers to be considered a black man and he only uses his whiter blood to try to gain favor or sympathy would be my personal opinion. There were literally millions of white voters who voted for this man Obama . That said it seems the black voters don't want to recognize that fact and are again trying to make it all about black. You know, in my world that is considered racism. Plain and simple two faced racism. If black individuals would finally see people as human beings and not as black or white, and would finally learn to see their troubles as being a reflection of their own behavior and stop blaming everyone else for their trouble, and if they would consider a political candidate as well as everyone else based upon the actions of that person and the content of the persons character and not the color of their skin- we could finally stop this insanity and grow up in America.
I never waste my time or money on these people anyway. Madonna has been around for quite a while and she has never thrilled me. I don't see her as a look alike for Marilyn Monroe or any of the rest of the hype that media said for her for years. I don't like her in movies and she has been a card toting over the top loud mouth screw ball since day one. that s why the fans liked her. Politically, no one cared what she said. Same with the rest of these people except for Springsteen who at one time I did sort of enjoy listening to but I never paid to watch him or to listen to him either. Barbara Streisand has given millions to help her political wonder people for years. At one time selling her own art from her home to raise funds for her favorite candidate. I have watched her movies in past. If she is in one that I want to see I will watch but not in order to watch her but for the entire movie content. She is a good singer but I don't buy her music. Never did. Rap would never go into my music system and I would destroy any player in my home or car that tried to play the mess. I loath all of it! Dixie Chicks are rotten eggs and boring .
President Obama : Incompetent or Intentional? My reply would be neither. Strategic is more like it. This man Obama has had an agenda since long before he entered the White House. He has often told the American people exactly what he was doing and would do but apparently they failed to listen or understand. Even people who are helping this president do what he has desired are not helping because they are really aware of the over- all consequences of their actions but in order to gain their own rewards in their own political careers or whatever. It isn't that Obama is such a great leader or that he is even overly smart. He is simply being himself and apparently in America he appeals to enough people who have enough power to help him get his own way. That is really sad when you consider it. So much money and so many lives and so much worry and so many words for so little back . We will all reap the rewards for this mans game. America - you helped this man put evil in power America Congratulations on your being so blinded by the media light. America got caught like a deer in the headlights of a train.
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Bowe Bergdahl, Just Deserts

jwhite218 Wrote: Jun 05, 2014 3:27 PM
The lie that is "liberalism" is more disgusting. These are the most narrow minded people one could ever encounter attempting to masquerade as enlightened progressive liberals. If people would stop accepting the liberal lie and see them as they really are they could look further themselves and see the real agenda. Even this president who has lied more than any in History was truthful during his run for the White House the first time. He told Americans exactly what they were getting but America failed to look that far off and to see what he was really saying about himself and the future. Right down to his words, "if you want to know what kind of man I am, look at the people that I surround myself with and my friends".
Red lines just like the red line of this President . It is a sad thing that America has a President who will never face any sort of punishment for any kind of crime that he does to our country though. Burgdahl was simply a way to get his games going to empty Gitmo and he will do that without anyone stopping him because no one has done a thing more than talk for the sad 6 years that he has @@@@ on our country.
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