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In the Long Run, Is the GOP Dead?

jweatherspoon Wrote: Jul 27, 2012 8:43 AM
Resurrect the BULL MOOSE Party. Libertarians with Spines and Balls...along with the bats to knock a few heads. America is going to require a major overhaul or we're doomed much as the Lusitainia or Titantic. One took enemy fire, the other was a mishap of overconficence. Right now the enemy within is more of a threat than a collecive of foreign enemies. WAKE UP AMERICA...we can ill-afford for you to keep punching the snooze buton . Spoon USAF Retired

Since 1928, only Dwight Eisenhower and George W. Bush have won the presidency while capturing both houses of Congress for the GOP.

In his 49-state landslide, Richard Nixon failed to take either House. In his two landslides, Ronald Reagan won back only the Senate. Yet Mitt Romney is even money to pull off the hat trick.
With this hopeful prospect, why the near despair among so many Republicans about the long term?
In his New York Times report, "In California, GOP Fights Steep Decline," Adam Nagourney delves into the reasons.

In the Golden Land, a state...