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Can Republicans Win a Government Shutdown?

jwbales Wrote: Jan 15, 2013 4:55 PM
The Republicans are way too timid. The federal government needs permanent partial shut-down and Republicans should be drafting a plan to make that happen. One never makes gains by making timid demands of the opposition. Start by planning how to eliminate about ten of the fifteen Executive Departments, leaving perhaps only Defense, State, Justice, Treasury and Interior. It would be necessary to eliminate or phase out most of the laws and regulations currently administered by those agencies. Any legitimate functions could be transferred to Interior after selling off all western Federal lands and US Parks. Veterans Affairs could be transferred to Defense. In short, Republicans need to scare the hell out of Democrats or they will not budge.
If Republicans do happen to force a shutdown in Washington, it's very possible they'll be embracing a political loser while doing the rest of us an immense favor.

With three Washington-manufactured fiscal apocalypses -- sequestration, the debt ceiling and a new "budget" -- on the docket, the idea of shutting down government to extract concessions from the iron trap sometimes known as the Obama administration has gained traction among Republicans. Or, I should say, the idea of threatening to shut down Washington has.

Pat Toomey, John Cornyn and other conservatives have said as much, though they've littered their shutdown statements with comforting modifiers,...