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Just another one of the democrats smidgeons comming home to roooooost.
Lest ye forget, the students must now learn to calculate the unemployment rate in the same twisted illogical path used by gubmint number crunchers today. Population=100people employed fulltime =50 employed part time 20 dropped out because they have been unemployed for too long= 29 = unemployment rate = 6.1% which will be adjusted up quietly later this month.
Wow, and this name calling from someone that has NEVER disagreed with Ann Coulter before. Neil before your godhead the great and powerful oblahma and beg he grants you another days foodstamps so that you may continue your verbal assaults.
Senator Walsh is a plagiarizing Democrat. Note to Democratic Senator John Walsh from Montana. Show you have the honor to acknowledge you stole material for your degree from others. Admit you made a mistake and resign. Republicans in Colorado had a gubernatorial candidate Scott McInnis that was caught plagiarizing and he dropped out of the race. Show some class and go back to private business and leave politics alone.
You nailed it mjohansen. Now that the Dems are in the process of losing the Senate the media must go to extreme measures in their efforts to swing low information voters. Note to the lamestream media mavens. Americans are waking up to politics. True they needed a brickwall to fall on them but they are awake now and looking around at the mess your socialist democrats have made of things.
It is time to put Lois Lerner into prison until she provides the testimony and evidence on who gave her the instructions to prosecute a criminal violation of the civil rights of every conservative organization that applied to the IRS for any tax reduction/exemption status for their organization. The smidgeons are commmmming home to rooooost.
OMG- Is this really what our country has been reduced to? We now have to listen to shills for the socialist party whining about what the definition of Is IS. Thank God we have representatives like Gowdy in Washington to start the proceedings to slap Eric Holder, Lois Lerner into prison for criminal violation of the rights of tens of thousands of Americans.
Update, HAMMAS has fired rockets into Israel from Gaza. Ceasefire has officially ended. White House expresses amazement that a known terrorist organization would violate a humanitarian cease fire.
Ohblahma may think he can redefine words but lawyers on both sides of the issue have a vested interest in denying him that authority. Ohblahma may seek the failure of ACA to enact his dream of single payer but he has made the common mistake of communists. He overreached and will now suffer the defeat in detail due to his failure to comprehend that the will of the American People cannot be ignored.
Do not think so. The 4 simple words inserted into the law were to "seal the deal" with Ben Nelson for the Cornhusker kickback. Ben and a number of democrats and republicans specifically did not want the federal government to take over the healthcare industry. Therefore only the state exchanges would receive the incentive for the poor poor pitiful poor tax credits. The reason that the 4 simple little words were never taken out of the "deal" was that Teddy Kennedy died and was replaced by OHMYGOD a Republican, Senator Brown. Pelosi and Reid were losing votes for oblahmacare by the day and in fact did not have the votes to send the bill back for reconciliation and the Constitutionally required approval votes. They ramrodded the bill onto Obama's desk with the famous pass the bill to find out what's in it. Mccain would love to be the RINO to save oblahmacare but that just ain't gonna happen. RINOS' are under attack and will not politically survive the treasonous votes that they used to get away with. Basically we are seeing the dissolution of the Democrat/socialist/communist party due to the failure of their current godhead and failure in chief.
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