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Where is Holder on investigating the 7 black people killed in Chicago this past weekend?
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Hillary's Delphic Politics

jwarrior Wrote: Aug 21, 2014 3:35 PM
In the future please always refer to this creature as the Hildabeast aka. The Butcher of Benghazi. I was grateful to President Obama for taking the Hildabeast out of the running in 2008. I was Hopeful he would prove to be something other than a socialist ideologue. I have seen my hopes dashed on the rocks of Obamacare, IRS persecution of the Tea Party at the Presidents' direction, Fast and Furious, the retreat from Iraq, Afghanistan. This list of his administrations' failures in domestic and foreign policy is staggering. The worst in my opinion was his political payoff to the Hildabeast that enabled her to murder an American ambassador Chris Stevens and other Americans in Benghazi. It is 3 am , the phone is ringing and the Hildabeast slept through the call.
A couple of years ago I calculated that based on the reported golf outings the president had spent more time playing golf than many professionals on the PGA. Looks like he is getting ready for his next career.
Nice to see someone talking about a real issue instead of the media frenzy of another ohblahma team distraction. Time for Americans to vote out the Democrats and tell the GOP fix this or you will be out in 2016. Give the GOP a veto override majority and watch the fur fly.
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Killing Us by Mosquito Bite

jwarrior Wrote: Aug 17, 2014 12:10 AM
Let us hope that enough people learn the lesson that socialism leads to ruin before the ruin falls on all of us.
Anyone that actually works with email systems, networks, hard drives knows that every email Lois Lerner sent can be retrieved from the network servers, and the recipients systems. Somewhere those emails are still in existence. We may have to go to the NSA for the ultimate information. The days when a president could call up the NSA and say destroy these emails is long gone. Lois Lerner will serve time. And eventually those in the White House that used her as their tool will be found out and brought before the American people. It seems each generation needs to learn the lessons of Watergate all over again. Cover ups never last.
Compromise is the socialista word for c'mon over here 99percent of the way, Then all you have to do is come 1 percent of the way for us to have an agreement.
Bingo there Optimista, You win the awake, aware and motivating voter of the day award. Well done sir.
Well said Mr. Paul, One thing we can be sure of in all human endeavors... Change will happen, Term limits helps that in a very real way. It will be up to the voters to educate themselves about the issues and the candidates. Today there are far too many un-informed voters that vote based on feelings, or skin color, or what the last commercial on TV said. That to must change.
right again, I guess my $5 contributions will tip the political scales. And I mean 5 dollars not 5 million or billion dollars. Unfortunately for the big money contributors, some people cannot be bought. I am not saying there will not be failures along the way. All politicians are human and subject to greed, avarice etc. But if we get term limits, either by law or simply clearing the bench every few elections and vote in citizen representatives that know the value of hard work, over time we will break the chains of big money. Yes we can.
Star, The Tea Party is as you say on its' way in. As for the Senate campaigns, For the first time in memory sitting candidates on both sides are shaking in their boots. Challenges to the status quo and establishment have turned the political pool of the House and Senate into quicksand for Rino's and long term politicos of both parties. Just ask Eric Cantor how his well greased establishment campaign worked for him. Mitch McConnell actually had to recognize that for the first time in decades he was in a race for his nomination. Ask Neil Abercrombie the Socialista governor of Hawaii how that incumbent power worked for him. All around the nation Americans are awakening from a long multigenerational slumber and finding information on the internet that stokes the flames of patriotism in their hearts. It will either take many years of slow progress to undo the evil wrought by generations of Soros/Bloomberger/Kennedy/ socialist smithies hammering away at media, education, politics. Or, God forbid a tipping point is in fact reached and the American people seek immediate change and redress for the wrongs of the totalitarian big government know alls in Washington and across this country.
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