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You know, it might serve the new congress well to begin weekly fireside chats to American voters. Here is what we passed this week. Here is what we put on the desk in the Oval office for signature. And here is what he vetoed this week. and Here is what he signed into law this week. And finally here is where we over rode the Presidential veto this week and passed this into law. Communicate this every week Speaker and new Majority leader. Sitting next to a nice warm fire with a mug of hot cocoa or tea, or coffee. God Bless the new conservative GOP.
Well where is the outrage, where is the holdup and oblahma call for federal charges against the terrorists burning Fergusson?
Holder has been impeached. Now he needs to be arrested and charged with dereliction of duty, treason. Where is his call for federal charges against the terrorists that burned businesses, cars, etc in Fergusson last night?
Good one, had me going for a second. Sarcasm is a good outlet for the sick racist Holder.
I want to hear what steps our Congress and Senate will take immediately to stop the implementation of the illegal amnesty. What are the steps to be taken. Censure Impeachment, Civil Charges, Criminal charges, What exactly is being done to reign in this tyrant?
Holder should be perp walked on charges for dereliction of duty. Where is all his racist speech last night was the direction of federal charges to be filed against the racist rioters that burned down and looted businesses in Ferguson last night?
It is interesting to see the racist spew coming from our Attorney General. In previous administrations his rhetoric would have required immediate dismissal if not criminal charges. Holder is just another racist cabinet member in the White house cabal. Time for impeachment and dereliction of duty. Where in all his racist laced speech last night was his call for federal charges to be filed against the racist, rioting mobs that burned cars, and businesses in Ferguson last night? Hmmmm. Silence is not an answer Mr. Holder.
Well said, Just another tactic lifted from the pages of the handbook for radicals and community organizers. shhhhh. don't let the socialists know we have their handbook and enigma machines.
oh snap.
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