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Democrats just love their own brand of partisan politics, Absolutely no doubt about it.
He was speaking about LEGAL immigrants. NOT ILLEGAL.
Bingo, Repeal Obamadontcare each monday morning. Put it on OUR desk in the Oval office. Tell NObama to sign it each Monday morning. If he vetos it. Tuesday morning vote to override the veto. Can you see the Democrats in 2016? I voted against the veto override 137 times before I voted for it.
The democrats already rang that bell, As McConnell said the Democrats cannot unring that bell. He should step up and either require a "real" filibuster and simply wait out the hot gasbags from the Democrats. Or do the same thing Harry Reid did and simply bust the filibuster completely. Elections have consequences and Mitch better get with the program.
Bingo, and we must issue them drivers licenses, social security numbers, making them eligible for food stamps, welfare, ssi disability payments, and of course they will VOTE. for the party that gives them these freebies.
Well said, This racist socialist in the white house is harming this nation. I won't say irreparable because I know our great nation will survive. We will just have a small dent in the fender that can be hammered out.
If the ILLEGAL ALIENS want out of the shadows tomorrow. They can go home today.
Well said
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