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It is open season on RINO's and they are running scared. Time for all those commie, socialist operatives to hear the message loud and clear. You are NOT welcome in the GOP. Go on down the road to your democrat socialist party and tell them the jig is up the GOP is waking up and kicking out the commie moles.
Kingston was not a rino. He had a 95+ percent conservative voting record. But, All politicians should learn the lesson that We the People will be enacting term limits on all y'all. We need citizen representatives not career politicos. Get in, Vote as you campaigned then go back home and get back to work. No retiring on a lush pension fund paid for by the American tax payer.
Start with your local GOP party, Kick out the RINOS aka socialist democrat operatives and begin working up the ladder to the federal senators and representatives. It is amazing what spending a little time at your local GOP headquarters and caucus, and primaries can do.
Another case of the low information voter. We can only hope that as people present these voters with true history some percentage are motivated enough to study a little of their own heritage and use their brains to control their vote instead of that WIC candy bar sandwich.
nice little soros drone. Now put on your tinfoil hat, take your medication and ask your mommie to tuck you into bed.
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Bret Baier's Challenged Heart

jwarrior Wrote: Jul 28, 2014 1:36 AM
Each day in this country parents lose the life of a precious child. Each day a child loses the gift of a parents smile. And each day we should thank whatever God we pray to that we have another day to tell our children we love them, and tell a parent we love them. So that when we do face that awful day, we do it with a prayer in our heart for the time we had and the hope of heaven for all our loved ones.
True the vote before 2016. Voter ID laws must be enforced to minimize voter fraud. If you are against voter ID then you are a racist homophobe commie bigot.
Amen, If you were a child and your parents committed a crime and ended up in prison, what would you want to do? Send the parents back home where they belong. That is infinitely more humane than sending them to prison for a few years then sending them back home.
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Rick Perry's Bold Border Move

jwarrior Wrote: Jul 25, 2014 3:48 AM
Don't forget the endless string of golf. My God he plays more than Tiger.
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What If Democracy Is a Fraud?

jwarrior Wrote: Jul 25, 2014 3:46 AM
Put your tinfoil hat back on and crawl back under the bridge like a good little socialista troll
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