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Wrong again idiot. When you run out of range after 40 miles, usually 45-50 for me, then you have at least 200 miles in gas miles. Then if you are an idiot like you sound and forget to fill up the gas tank, the electric will come back and give you another 5 miles to get to a gas station or plug. You would really need to be some idiot to run out of fuel in a Volt. There are 3 levels of backup. Your gas car has no backup, so you must be getting stuck all over.
Don't know, don't care. I am sleeping while charging my Chevy Volt and my cell phone. Wake up in the morning with a full tank of electricity. Is your tank always full in the morning?
That is how knowledgeable the author is about cars. I never knew how car dumb republicans were.
Very funny. Think about that while driving your flammable gas car.
Wrong again. The electric drive of the Volt is to the caliber of a great EV, 2nd only to the Tesla if even that. The only difference is it also carries an on board gas generator for your long vacation trips.
Well if we are to use Alaska as a reason to own a car, we should all be driving 4x4 Hummers.
Could have fooled me. My work round trip commute is 20 miles. It costs me exactly 0.40 cents in electricity. That is 2 cents a mile. If I crank my AC full blast I may end up using an extra half a kwh, for an extra 0.06 cents. total of 0.46 cents. So with AC full blast it is 0.023 cents a mile. AC cost me a whole 6 cents. How much does AC cost in your gas car? I bet you watch your gas gauge drain faster when you have it on. Enjoy. Think of me when you fill up at $60:)
BTW Would you guys want a 1000 gas cars or 1000 electric cars a day driving by your house on that main road that is likely relatively close to your house? With the gas cars you are slowly poisoning your kids and causing a shortened lifespan. With the electric cars the air quality remains the same as before they drove by. If you are really close like 25% of people are, would you rather hear the loud engines of the cars going by or not? The only noticeable sound on EV's is tire noise. So whether you care about global pollution or not, or whether you even believe EV's are cleaner. Everyone cares about there own air that they are breathing right now.
In 10 years, my Volt will have 120,000 miles. The battery will still be good. The battery cost about $2200 today. In 10 years probably half that. Much cheaper than all the maintenance and repairs on you gas car.
William704, I don't use meters, I pay for my own electricty. A whole $25 a month for 1000 miles of driving. You happy now?
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