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Stupidity Laws Could Have Stopped Obama

JW94 Wrote: May 22, 2012 3:11 PM
Maybe you should change your name to More License. ALL human institutions are flawed because they involve human beings. Government exists (unlike post revolutionary France) to keep everyone honest. Unfettered capitalism (contrary to your optimism) will always look like the Russian model involving the Russian Mafia. I know I'm going to get blasted for this comment. But I don't believe ANY human institution is self-regualting - and I don't believe that is Liberalism - unfettered capitalism is Thomas Jefferson and company who condoned the excesses of the French Revolution - a phil0osophy currently repackaged as "conservatism". This is the end of my comments - have at it - or me as the case may be..

Democrats have been crying for the last few weeks because the official bank of the Obama administration, JPMorgan Chase, lost $2 billion dollars in a hedging strategy that will likely get a few more folks fired from the firm.

Democrats have used their deepest Vox Populi to decry loose bank regulations that allowed this outrage to happen.

Their argument would be especially good if the bank regulations they are criticizing weren’t the result of large Democrat majorities and signed into law by President Occupy Wall Street himself just as the Democrat majorities unwound.

As Reuters notes “The 2010...

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