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President Obama's Israeli Test

jverycken Wrote: Nov 23, 2012 11:35 AM
If you condemn America's policies, are you not in fact aplogizing or condemning America? You seem to be against Obama and then for him. I am confused. Why should be continue giving monies to those who hate us and take the money to then purchase weapons from the Russians and attack Israel and the USA??? I think that all aid should be stopped to all of those countries. That is that. Let them fend for themselves. Castro controls the population of Cuba by keeping them so hungry that all they can think of is where/how and what they must do to get their next meal. Perhaps we should try that approach instead of being everybody's keeper. Charity begins at home.
While most Americans were focusing on the domestic implications of Barack Obama’s re-election, the effects of his victory are being felt around the globe in different ways. Further Candy Crowley of CNN and most others observing the presidential foreign policy debate in October, thought the president had everything under control with Middle Eastern dissidents. Romney was considered a clear loser compared with Mr. Obama.

During the election, much was made of Obama’s popularity abroad: an MSN poll of over half a million people from 36 countries showed that President Obama was favored over Governor Romney by an astounding 81% of those...

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