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The antidote says it all. Although Glock isn't my choice but it would do.
As a grandparent I can honestly say that this is not new. The government take over of our education system was a big mistake and is very dangerous. " Common Core" and revisionist history has poisoned our education and it needs to be stopped. Parents are the ones that can stop it. Get involved and attend as many school board meeting as you can. If you believe your children are being indoctrinated and not educated call for parent teacher meetings. Let them know you want to go through the children or child's curriculum. If you are on top of their education the school will not question you. Ignorance is what gives them power. Confrontation is what takes it away. Be involved daily. I did it. TIn the mind of my childrens school and treachers , the worst thing they could her was " Mr. V want a conference". They bent over backwards to please me because I was everything they feared. An involved and caring parerant.
Why on earth would you post something like this unless you are lying. First of all it takes more than just a sear to turn an AR-15 into a fully auto. Second it is highly illegal to sell it to you unless you have the right paperwork. It is a lie that you can purchase anything on the internet. You are a disgrace to all law abiding gun owners if you are a gun owner. Don't talk trash unless you are willing to answer to what you post.
Their argument is never really about saving lives. It is about power and control.
Almost all the ones calling for " gun control" have body guards. Bloombugger is taking 17 NYC cops with him as " security". His life is not worth anymore than anyone else. The cops are retiring and being paid a six figure salary to protect his communist butt. This Senator has a lot of gall telling the lady that got raped that a weapon would have put her in more danger. Where the hell is the logic in that? Her lack of compassion is scary.
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Remembering Stanley Ann Dunham Obama

jvanchieri Wrote: Nov 22, 2013 9:58 PM
They don't oppose it because there are lifers that are just as corrupt as the Democrats in " senior" positions. Any so called " Jr. Senator" speak up against it like Ted Cruz did and they get beat up. Not by the opposing communist party but the communists in the GOP. Until we replace these czars there will be no opposition because these RINOs are lock step with the democrat communist party.
John Kerry married a woman with more power when it comes to wealth than he could dream of. Yet what is good for her is not good for those women being abused in Arab countries. John Kerry is a coward and a liar. He was a perfect pick for Ovomit. Not one person that works for our illegal President has the spine to tell him he needs to change his foreign policy away from aiding our enemies to supporting our proven Allies. I know the truth will come out about Ovomit but I am not sure it will be in time.
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God Bless the Conservative Warriors

jvanchieri Wrote: Nov 01, 2013 12:53 PM
Look at what we have lost in the pursuit of " compromise". We are over taxed and over regulated to the point of becoming " subjects" again. We fought for independence against an oligarchy in 1776. We are close to becoming what we have been fighting against for 230+ years. Obama is a fraud. This is a fact. His way of appeasing the citizenry is to use talking point and a speech cadence that is the worst I have ever heard. We have to remember that we are not just fighting against him but some very radical communists. Valarie Jarrett is the biggest one. Obama does what she tells him to do and he and Michele listen. Reid, Feinstein,Waters, Schumer, Bloomberg, Cuomo,Pelosi and the list goes on and on. They are all in for this dictatorship. They are traitors. While saying they support and believe in the Constitution they tear it up behind their backs. No more compromises. We need leaders that will keep this government within the confines of the Constitution.
Thank you very much for this article. You once again are spot on. I fought through the school systems of my children to the point that if I asked for a meeting they cringed. Other parents stepped up after seeing the results of me doing that. My children were no longer harassed by stuck up useless teachers and communications were way more polite. I was 100% in. If they taught a revised version of history I had my kids challenge it. If they were asked personal questions about their life at home I had them tell those asking to call me first. Hence no more questions. The point is, get involved and not just at the school level but the school board too. Don't attack " Common Core". Attack the results. Then make them pay for it. If you sit at home and let these czars control your child's life in school and at home you deserve what you get and the children suffer. Public schools need to be removed from any federal regulations. That should be a State and local thing. Even then it should be limited.
Noncompliance is the answer. Do not sign up. If there are milions and millions that say no it will end this socialist piece of garbage. They act like there isn't any medical coverage for those who can't afford it but there is and has been for a long time. To me we need to be able to barter with our doctors and have home visits. Family doctors in the past were almost an extension of the family. The doctor knew each member of the family. No one other than the parents had the ability to know their children's health history. Now days schools are privy to it. We need to have public schools funded and run by the citizen.
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