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and this applies how ?
If we find out who this rep. is maybe we should put him in a zoo, so we can see a real live idiot.
What a sick piece of filth.!!!!
And hear I thought it was going to be a job opportunity for the rioters in Ferguson, Mo. so sad.
No, not Animals, SUBHUMAN !!!!!!!!!! animals have a reason for everything they do.
That is assuming that the info is accurate, I would not trust anyone on that. not in this day and age.!!!!
Court's need to stay out of it, they are not qualified to judge this, they are not climatologists.
LOL, Leadership ? what leadership, none that I have seen.
Russian arms ? that's nuts.
Hey Lame brain, the proof is in the pudding !!!!! you and you alone did it.!!!!!!
Way to go Mark, Good job.!!!!!
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