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Russian arms ? that's nuts.
Hey Lame brain, the proof is in the pudding !!!!! you and you alone did it.!!!!!!
Way to go Mark, Good job.!!!!!
This broad is so stupid, her stupid is stupid.
To bad there are so many brain dead's out their who side with Hamas.!!! one would hope that Hamas would pay them a visit.
I think Brand should look in the mirror and he will see the Idiot.!!!! LOL, did his mother have any children that lived ?
LOL, good let them starve.!!!!!
It's not the stuff of a President either.!!!!!!!!!!! but then we all know, he is NO President he just has the title.
Is doing nothing wrongdoing ? if so, then guilty as H*LL
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Are Democrats 'Ditching' The War On Women?

jvance Wrote: Aug 04, 2014 4:06 PM
The Dem's are full of it !!!!! they lie, cheat and anything else they can think of to bad mouth Republicans. Why would any honest and Responsible person ever vote for a Democrap ?
If you had been aborted AS you should have, we would not be bothered with you scum !!!!!!
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