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Ken Starr's (Republican) independent investigation ruled Foster's death a suicide.
Are you saying only minorities are on welfare?
Yes, back then the democrats were horrible. Many of them left the party when the democratic party pursued civil rights. That's why the South is Republican now instead of Democratic.
Back before 1965. That is over 50 years ago. A lot of those Democrats went to the Republican Party. Political parties have changed over our history. Some are gone.
But we are not a totalitarian state.
"The House Oversight Committee is set to meet early Thursday morning to consider a resolution to hold former IRS official Lois Lerner in contempt of Congress. The vote comes just two months after Lerner plead the Fifth for a second time, refusing to answer questions about her role in the IRS targeting scandal." Contempt for exercising her constitutional right.
It's heartwarming to know so many of you care about the uninsured in this country.
Hospitals are in financial straights because they cannot turn anyone away. This has nothing to do with ACA.
Yes, my daughters junk insurance was cancelled and she now has better insurance.
Not when your investment is in stocks which only garners more money for the investor.
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