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The fight had been delayed by 3 hours and when it entered Iranian airspace, it was unidentified.
Good point
You said: The standard for a marriage is one male and one female yet there are marriages of one man and multiple women.
Just like presidents before him. None of them are ever far from their job no matter where they are. Presidents don't have to be sitting in the Oval Office to be working. I defended Bush as well when he was criticized for all of his "vacations".
No. Do we blame team owners when their team looses?
Both sides have their "boogeyman", stir up irrational hatred and manipulate people's feelings. It's that we only notice it when it is someone who represents our beliefs.
It's an entertainment show, not news. Don't watch it.
"This idea of an indictment is an extremely dangerous trend in America, whether directed at [former House Majority Leader] Tom DeLay or [former President] Bill Clinton." Both parties are doing this.
There's only his word it that pro Obama bumper stickers were not singled out.
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