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Hillary Unleashed in New Romney Ad: "Shame on You, Barack Obama!"

justwannasay Wrote: Jul 04, 2012 10:55 PM
It is very important that Romney start to reveal details of how and what he will do to perform better economically than BO. Romney may be waiting to minimize the time Dems would have to criticize his plan. But if he does not reveal details of his plan, he will not win. He's not a Dem and therefore will not receive a pass from the media and be able to state great sounding generalities with no questions.

I was wondering if and when Team Romney would dust off some of 2008's oldies but goodies to use as a cudgel against The One, and now we have our answer:

Our first hints that Romney would target the Hillary vote arose during the firestorm over Hilary Rosen's attacks against Ann Romney, but this spot takes the tactic to a much more overt and aggressive level.  Will it work?  On one hand, last cycle's PUMA ("party unity my a**") phenomenon among disaffected Clinton backers...