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You just stated the R mandate - stop the D's from destroying the constitution and the country. At this point all they can do is resist and pushback (preferably an intelligent pushback).
voting D is ignoring the constitution Voting other is no different than not voting at all at this time in history voting R is voting against D unless you support the R's platform
As long as you are OK with everything that is going on - it is your prerogative to vote anyway you like or even not vote at all. I vote for R's in major positions like governor, president, senate, Reps but vote libertarian on lessor positions until Libertarian is a viable option for higher offices. And my primary reason is to STOP the progressives, but I too do not like most R's.
Schieffer - because you and your cronies have decided to add to the lack of transparency by holding this entire administration to a significantly lower standard, the American people have the type of politicians that you just railed against. YOU are part of the problem (the enablers) - is that sinking into your thick skull???? You have utterly failed in your duty as a "free press".
ding - ding - ding - we have a winner!
America doesn't believe in America's strength anymore. As the Demon/Prog/Libs would say "mission accomplished". and I despise McCain nearly as much as a Liberal - spouting fighting words now - sorry 5 years too late.
From my conservative's perspective, I would personally shovel dirt on the GOP casket if there was any reasonable alternative. As I tell many, I dislike the R's but I hate the D's.
quit bullying our president, you mean old white racist.
dumb, stupid, retarded, idiotic, simple-minded, ignorant, etc, use all the descriptors - if even I (a non-politician) can see the obvious; you may be right that this is intentional. I get the impression that the R's are just going to wait around until political power falls into their lap because of O-careless. Unfortunately, most decisions are emotionally based for all people (per studies), therefore the D's always have the advantage when appealing to the feelgood side of an issue. Critical thinking skills are in short supply in the US and poor education is recruitment for the D/P/L. Conservatives must appeal to the emotional side of the school choice issue if conservatives are going to win.
Aaaannnnddd - school choice is a winner across party lines.
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