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Rage and Ruin in the Reign of the EPA

justthinking Wrote: Sep 16, 2012 9:57 AM
EPA is for the enviroment as HSUS is against any animal ownership for food, pets, or entertainment. It is all about protection and there is a BUT.....when humans needs are secondary, well "Houston, we have a problem." Fifty five billion dollars was removed from the California economy just because of the fight against the beef industry, yet California is in virtual bankruptsy. Humans needs should always come first! These organizations have helped kill our economy!

The riots, rage, and ruin that have spread throughout the Middle East over the past few days emphasize the urgency of opening up and bringing online America’s vast resources—yet, as Congressman Pete Olson (R-TX) states: “The EPA is the biggest obstacle to energy independence.”

Olson’s comment specifically addressed the Hydraulic Fracturing Study requested by Congress as a part of the FY 2010 appropriations bill, which states:

“The conferees urge the Agency to carry out a study on the relationship between hydraulic fracturing and drinking water, using a credible approach that relies on the best available science, as well as independent sources...

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