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This should have been an announcement of helping America's youth, not helping only one segment of youth. There are plenty of latino youth in gangs, without fathers and there are plenty of white youth the same. Maybe there are more black who need direction but should be for all youth - to give a helping hand. Obama acts like only black need a free ride -when that is not helping. A helping hand is what is needed, and a chance to suceed. That goes for many of today's youth no matter the ethnic origin.
Foresight is better than hindsight.....Romney should have been elected. It was difficult as Obama rallied the blacks and then there was the issue of imigration and that put Obama over the top. Obama has really let the black people down. I certainly think that his last step to help black kids but there are also white kids out there that need direction and I would like to see all kids be given a helping hand. We need a president that will bring the country back together not alienate classes of people. Speaking of class, I just can't see Romney taking a selfy picture during a "state funeral". (or any other president or candidate for presidency doing that) We really need to take back our country, it is no longer "we the people" who have a say in the direction of our government and that should never happen in a capitalist, democratic society.
Interesting, A country making "pot" legal and cigarettes illegal. I will have to think about that one.
Gosh sounds like he doubled as an ACLU attorney......We really are in trouble. The stuff just gets deeper every day.
So Mark have you thought that this just may be with 300,000 legal abortions a year, this just could be a form of population control. Abortion should not be a form of birth control.
When one thinks about over 300 thousand people receiving abortions each year, kind of makes you think abortion is an attempt by our government to help with population control.
I think it was the Socialist Fabians in the UK long ago. You may have read about the Fabians, still in existence today....hidden under the agenda of a more moral society....toward the poor, prisoners, animals. Perhaps pushing the patterns of the same in the USA.
Most people do not realize they can still get insurance from independent insurance agents! Just FYI Yes and some of we the people do not want to trust an extremely liberal judge but not given a choice. Issa is doing what we hired him to do. Meanwhile we are paying Obama to vacation in Hawaii!
Darwin's grandfather, Erasmus was the first to come up with this theory. Darwin knew he would bring down the religious community on his head. Animal rights has used this theory for a long time to make us feel we are very close to the animal kingdom and "so much like them". There are some things we do not question, how the Red Sea was parted, how did Noah get all the animals on the ark so when you ask how did humans get here, just one of the mysteries of life and perhaps will never know but the Bible tells us that God created man in his image, isn't that all we need to know. When Darwin's theory is proven then I will rethink my beliefs.
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It's Time to Take America Back

justthinking Wrote: Dec 07, 2013 11:44 AM
To take America back one would need to fight the early filtration of the Fabian Society, the UN and Agenda 21 and one world governance, the tree huggers and the radical vegan animal rights movement and possibly our President. The USA is in worse shape than people care to know about.
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It's the Family, Stupid

justthinking Wrote: Dec 06, 2013 3:05 PM
It is really a shame that the first bi racial president will never be able to recover his reputation after the misleading verbage he has produced. It is really a shame that he was exposed more to socialist thought than living in a capitalist society. He acts more like a king than a president and it is "we the people" for whom he works. He has reached a new level of distruct by the public. People had such great hopes......that he would be a fair, uniting president. That has not occurred.
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