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Why did you guys edit off the right side of the sign? You know, where it said "and often."
Grandparents mourn as the selfish, careless twit laughs.
You should tell any child. Enough people voted for Barack Obama because of his race to tip the election in his favor. To make decisions exclusively or in balance because of race is in itself a racist act. Race is and must be irrelevant to qualifications or competent performance. In this case a man was elected without proof of qualifications. His performance in office has proven that he was not qualified for even a basic trainee position. We have had our quota of token presidents. They are just too expensive. Now an aspiring person of color has an even greater burden to bear up the mountain to success. It does not equal his actual weight but instead the God like potential he presented to the delusional.
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Biden: You'll Vote For Me in 2016

justperhaps45 Wrote: Oct 31, 2012 4:40 PM
Biden will be running for worst modern VP.
Biden as VP is better protection for Obama than a full battion of Secret Service agents. Like, who would be crazy enough to risk his succession.
Is that a FEMA trailer in the picture. FEMA has always done such a great job.
The scriptures have many examples of Jews going against the very God who took them into a special relationship in honor to Moses. They take pride in a relationship they deny through their actions. God has been known to thump those who fail him. Of course some think those of us who believe in God are foolish. However, we are pretty sure that believing in accidetal creation is playing some pretty long odds.
None of my Jewish friends are blonde and none of my blonde friends have curly hair. What else is fake?
Maybe they will just move to the Utopia of Cuba. I here people aren't over weight there.
Personal donations are tainted, unless stolen or taken through taxation and subsequent skimming.
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