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True the Vote to Elijah Cummings: Retract Your Smears

justpaul Wrote: Oct 30, 2012 7:52 PM
As a resident of Maryland who lives one district over from the one which elected Mr. Cummings, I must take exception to the statement made by True the Vote which reads: "We had higher hopes for you as an otherwise respected Member of Congress." That is a vicious lie. Elijah Cummings is not now, nor has he been for years, a respected Member of Congress. He is a cheap demagog first, foremost, and last. His service to his constituents amounts in its entirety to making an fool of himself on a regular basis. He is Steny Hoyer's Mississippi.

Voter integrity group True the Vote has issued a formal request to Democratic Rep. Elijah Cummings asking him to retract defamatory statements he made about the Houston based group on national television and in writing. Not only has Cummings made false statements about the mission of True the Vote, he has also misled the public about the group's response to an October 4 request from Cummings for documents, a request he has no authority to enforce. An attorney representing True the Vote President Catherine Engelbrecht sent Cummings a letter late Tuesday afternoon. From the letter: