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Americans: We're Going Over the Fiscal Cliff

justpaul Wrote: Dec 27, 2012 1:41 PM
I am not at all pessimistic about whether a deal will get done. Quite to the contrary, I am becoming more and more optimistic that a deal WON'T get done. We need to embrace this one chance we have to force the government to confront its spending addiction. Yes, the budget cuts in the sequester are going to hurt, but they are the only chance we have to get these people talking about spending cuts instead of tax hikes. Because as long as they are talking about tax hikes in stead of spending cuts, the argument, and the chance to right this ship, is already lost.

We're five days away from fiscal cliff doom. President Obama cut his Hawaii vacation short to return to Washington in hopes of cutting a deal before January 1. Despite this action, law makers and Americans are growing more pessimistic about whether a deal will actually get done according to Gallup.

 Americans' optimism that President Barack Obama and congressional leaders will reach a budget agreement before Jan. 1 has waned somewhat over the past week. Fifty percent now believe this and 48% are doubtful, a change from the previous three weeks, when the solid majority of Americans were...