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Anderson Cooper Shreds DWS For Lying About Romney Abortion Position

justme555 Wrote: Aug 25, 2012 8:16 PM
What women need to know is that Debbie is a lying sack of poop. Women also need to know that Debbie supports a president, obama, who backs infanticide. As a woman and mom I find that repulsive and disgusting. Debbie has NO business talking about the rights view on abortion. The right is about life the left is about death......Shame on you Debbie......
samplin Wrote: Sep 08, 2012 7:49 AM
And it ain't gonna stop with abortion. When I first saw the ad about Granny being pushed over the cliff in a wheelchair, I thought it was anti Obamacare. After all didn't BO say in a campaign talk: Tell the old people to take a pain pill and get out of the way. Health care is for the young.

I was stunned when I heard this come out of his mouth. Guess what the "ethics" panels are in the law that the morons in Congress passed without reading. But what do they care? Nothing for it doesn't apply to them.

For a week now, DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz has been unfairly connecting Mitt Romney to Rep. Todd Akin, saying Romney doesn't believe in an abortion exception in the case of rape or incest. Romney called for Akin to exit the race due to unfortunate comments he made about rape and pregnancy. Late Tuesday, DWS sent the following a letter to supporters:

Here's the Republican Party's message to women in 2012: No choice. No exceptions.

After 48 straight hours of Republicans falling all over each other calling for Rep. Todd Akin to rescind his ridiculous,...