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Report: Obamacare Triggering Double Digit Premium Increases

justme16 Wrote: Jan 09, 2013 8:37 AM
I am so tempted to take this article and forward it to a bunch of Obama Clones who yammered for months on end how this "law" would reduce health care costs. I was called every dirty name in the book. Fact is my health insurance has increased by over 40 pecent since ObamaCare was passed into law and the increases haven't stopped. I marvel at the dumbed down masses and the way they clamour after anything Obama says and does as if he is one step away from sainthood. Yet all he touched turns to heaping piles of feces.

I was tempted to roll out one of our sarcastic "surprise" headlines for this post, but nothing about this law is surprising anymore.  Over and over again, conservatives' admonitions and predictions -- ranging from premium levels to cost curves to basic logistics -- have been vindicated by events.  We already knew that individual and family premiums were on the rise thanks to the president's signature law; the New York Times now reports that the government is forcing insurance companies to reach into citizens' pockets and extract up to hundreds of additional dollars per month for healthcare: