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Larry King: "Huggable" Chavez Was Incredible, Fascinating, Positive, Larger Than Life!

justme16 Wrote: Mar 06, 2013 11:11 AM
King is a disgusting left wing nutjob who fawns all over third world dictators like Chavez. He is nothing but a leftist puke. I wonder if these leftist radicals who HIDE in this country would be so quick to embrace the likes of Chavez if overnight they were forced to live under the dictatorial rule of all they fawn over. It is easy to bloviate while hiding behind the protected borders of the USA. I have an idea. Let's ship King, Penn and all who for years have advocated for these murderers and their regimes to those countries and bar them ever returning here and then see how much the praise and worship these KILLERS

Rumor has it Larry King is now in the running for writing Chavez's eulogy.