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Disaster Ignorance

justme16 Wrote: Nov 14, 2012 8:54 AM
Trying to sell the message of Constitutioinal Conservatism is like trying to convince a five, six, or seven year old that they need to pitch in and help (with the chores) clean their own room and participate in the overall welfare of the family. A child wants to play and the Socialist/Marxist message is don't worry, mommy and daddy government will do it all for you. Which side do you think wins that argument?
Phil347 Wrote: Nov 14, 2012 9:48 AM
you are so right. The people who vote for Obama would look at you like you are an alien if you tried to explain the very basics of economics and the REAL reason prosperity is created.
Wehavemettheenemy Wrote: Nov 14, 2012 9:18 AM
Like the six year old however, we can grow up if properly educated. We've been there before.
Here's a which-is-better question for you. Suppose a New Jersey motel room rented for $125 a night prior to Hurricane Sandy's devastation. When the hurricane hits, a husband, wife and their two youngsters might seek the comfort of renting two adjoining rooms. However, when they arrive at the motel, they find that rooms now rent for $250. At that price, they might decide to make do with one room. In my book, that would be wonderful. That decision would make a room available for another family who had to evacuate Sandy's wrath. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and others condemn this...