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Compromise: House GOP Offers Student Loan Extension

justme16 Wrote: Apr 26, 2012 7:50 AM
What ever happened to working AND going to school? Where did the nonsense ideology come from that kids after high school should somehow magically be "entitled" to four years of college and that they should have to work, or that mom/dad or grandma and grandpa should foot the bill. Oh and then there was the "student loans" which basically endentured the grad to pay off these loans like buying a house. Oh wait...just let em slide......and OUR GRANDCHILDREN can foot the bill. To quote one hapless senior i.e. Social Security..."Hell, we won't be around to see the mess, so why worry"?

Call it a win for President Obama, or a win for bipartisanship, or a win for students. However you see it, the House Republicans have offered a solution to the student loan interest rate hike that loomed in July. The bill, which the House will vote on this Friday, will keep the rates from doubling 3.4% to 6.8%. Essentially, the biggest difference in the GOP proposal from the Democratic one stems from where the money comes from, with the GOP attempting to avert a tax increase. 

The House legislation would cost roughly $6 billion and would be...