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McCain, like so many other RINO'S has simply come out of the closet. He is a flaming liberal/progressive who took "any path to power". With the present administration, there is now no need to hide it.
If ever there were an opening this is it. Biden lends truth to the statement that "Ignorance is bliss" Anyone could understand why he is a "happy man".
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Who's Afraid of Hillary?

justme16 Wrote: Jul 01, 2013 6:27 AM
Yeah. The problem isn't whether or not Hillary will run. The problem is that the Republicans don't have anyone of stature to put on their platform. They keep putting forth the same tired old worn out rhetoric, and the same clowns year after year. BTW I am NOT afraid of Hillary but of what will come of this nation if another Marxist wins the White House. Hillary simply disgusts me and is a living example once again of an individual that gets a free ride on the taxpayers dime thanks to affirmative action. She has ZERO accomplishments. STILL.
In some precincts better than 100 percent. More votes cast than registered voters...but the press never took that up.
Lets hear it for horse and buggy. Oh wait, one will be charged a carbon tax for methane expulsion of their animals based upon the number of animals they there will be no getting away from these clowns until we rout them out and chase them from the underpinnings of our nation. Is there any doubt now that McCarthy was right? His concerns were....the method was wrong. Or to quote Saul Alinsky who in the forward to his book "Rules for Radicals" stated "They (referring to the McCarthites) almost got all of us.....that was about the time radicals like Bill Ayers gave up bombing buildings and creating social chaos and took to hiding in the University Systems. The radicals have had unfettered access to the minds of the youth of this nation ever since. That is why colleges are turning out brain dead programmed libs....who don't even realize they are being played like useful idiots brainwashed into socio-political ideologies much like parents indoctrinate and inculcate religious dogma in their children. "Give me a child for eight years and I will give you a Bolchavik" Vladimir Lenin
I can also foresee a time when a family will be charge carbon taxes based upon the size of their family, their social status and be limited to the footprint they can occupy (limitations of living space based upon social standing) and charge excess fees if it is exceeded....LIVE IN THE GREEN ZONES PEOPLE...
The goal of hybrid ownership is LIMITED travel....and population control.....Once instituted and people are charged taxes based upon their so-called CARBON FOOTPRINT..want to travel any distance at all one will need a permit and authorization and the ability to pay the additional carbon taxes....associated with said travel...The past two decades have been about the gradual decay of America with those kinds of goals in mind. Whenever you hear terms like green energy, green zones such as are being promoted in places like Orlando, Florida, all you need to do is remember GREEN is and has become the new 'RED'.
No they won't. This nation is full of closeted communists who want to see the controlled downfall of this nation. They hide in the universities to indoctrinate each successive generation. They have infected virtually every aspect of our government republican, democrat and the courts. They co-opted the environmental movement, ALL FOR MOTHER RUSSIA er MOTHER earth.....and the one world governance on its behalf. THIS HAS BEEN the goal of the RELIGIOUS COMMUNISTS for decades. How long in this country? Since the 1830s and 1940s FDR managed to plant the seeds and Norman Thomas stated in 1944 that he himself no longer need to run for POTUS on the American Socialist party ticket because the Democrat party had endorsed virtually every plank of the socialist party. Further that one day America would become a socialist state and the people wouldn't even realize it. Vladimir Lenin btw stated "The Goal of Socialism is COMMUNISM"
The goals of the world wide communist movement "progressives and rabid leftists" in America are GREEN ZONE living arrangements where people are FORCED out of necessity to live in high rise subsidized apartment like living quarters above convenient controlled retail stores adjacent to high speed rail and commuter forms of transportation. They do this by making it too expensive to drive, too expensive to live in rural areas where they have been continually placing into government controlled zones. Just like the carrot/stick manipulation, people will out of necessity CONFORM to this agenda. AGENDA 21. Conspiracy theory aside, EVERYTHING these clowns do points to that. And no it isn't so much a conspiracy as it has been INDOCTRINATION of the masses for well over sixty years in this nation. How any body can still be supportive of Obama and his clowns only speaks to how literally DUMB so many people are. Look around you. How many people do you know who are even paying attention? Or are they simply conforming because of group think or their professors (sayers) have had at them for almost two decades. "Fundamental Transformation" first means TEARING DOWN that which one chooses to transform (like remodeling a house)....."Energy Prices will necessarily skyrocket" Obama's words during his first presidential campaign...then all the win. It isn't rocket science when one steps back and simply observes the time lines, the statements and the actions/non action (i.e. CLOSING the border) that current administrations bring about.
Bring her up on charges, prosecute her, strip her of all her benefits and put her lying and obstructive tail end in jail along with everyone else who is involved in ripping off the American public. Start with Holder, Clinton and any and everyone involved in the NSA, IRS and Bengazi scandals.
This guy is just another rabid racist, religious bigot and racist who gets a free pass and face time to spew his hatred and garbage.
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