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Ban This! Ban That! Ban This and That!

justme16 Wrote: Feb 06, 2013 6:54 AM
However the minute anyone resists their attempts to take whatever situation they are in hostage it is THAT person who is immidiately labeled. Ergo a man who disagrees with the woman who makes her gender the issue is labeled a sexist. A white who disagrees with a black who makes their race an issue is labeled a racist and on and on. When in reality EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE is true. I don't need a mommy or daddy or nanny state and could not care less what anyone thinks of me. Secondly I will NOT yield to the deliberate victim "I am offended" gambit which is revers psych 101 or passive aggression where the individual targeted with being the offender is expected to alter his/her behavior to satisfy their co-dependent expectations law or no law

I like to bet on sports. Having a stake in the game, even if it's just five bucks, makes it more exciting. I also like playing poker. "Unacceptable!" say politicians in much of America. "Gambling sometimes leads to 'addiction,' destitute families!"

Well, it can.

So politicians ban it. It's why we no longer see a poker game in the back of bars. Half the states even ban poker between friends -- though they rarely enforce that.

After banning things, politicians' second favorite activity is granting special privileges to a few people who do those same things -- so big casinos flourish, and most...