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The Kidnapping Lobby Is at It Again

JustMC Wrote: Feb 19, 2013 9:01 AM
So, while you are rightly opposed to the tyranny of forcibly taking money to fund public schools that perform Christian indoctrination, consider that you are guilty of imposing the same sort of tyranny to fund schools that indoctrinate according to your pet dogma. That's not a principled stance it is replacing one tyranny with another: yours. The same approach that virtually every tyrant has pitched throughout history. REAL ethical principle means supporting FREEDOM, not IMPOSING your version of the "right answer." PARENTS should CHOOSE what THEY want for their children, and pay for it themselves. (And if we did that, there would be PLENTY of money for the unfortunate who wanted useful schooling they could not afford.)

What’s the real message behind Barack Obama’s call in his State of the Union speech for taxpayer-funded “universal” preschool and his trip to a Georgia preschool last Thursday for photo ops?

It’s that the government wants to get its hands on our children even earlier.

From the time children are five or six years old up through their senior year, government schools run by leftwing teachers unions have them at least seven hours a day, five days a week during most of the year.

They use that time to teach them just enough English and math to pass standardized...