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Carney: The Whole Point of Sequestration Was to Avoid Those Spending Cuts

JustMC Wrote: Feb 14, 2013 1:46 PM
A fair question. For starters, caveat emptor. EVERYONE needs to recognize how DANGEROUS it is for a government to make promises it cannot keep. Many people have enough sophistication to recognize (at least nowadays) that a sweetheart pension deal from a nonsense dot com company is a promise that won't be kept. Reckless government promises are no different. Reign in government and its promises, INCLUDING military spending, or DEFAULT will happen. Pure and simple.
JustMC Wrote: Feb 14, 2013 1:48 PM
Bankruptcy is upon us. The first step in bankruptcy is MAKING NO NEW PROMISES. What's left is the ugly process of carving up the remains, SHAFTING ALL the creditors. EVERYONE'S ox gets gored. The question is not WHETHER what each person is promised will be delivered, because it will not. The question is just how badly the promise is broken. AKA: how many pennies on the dollar is each creditor paid?

Last night, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney picked a Twitter fight with Republican Congressman Justin Amash over sequestration.  We'll get to that online battle in a moment, but first, a word on Rep. Amash's misguided comments that caught Carney's attention in the first place.  Amash has been publicly blasting Republican leadership for aggressively pinning the sequester on President Obama, arguing that it's "disingenuous" for members of Congress to vote for a compromise, then blame it on the other party.  This needlessly and foolishly undermines the GOP's messaging on the issue.  Republicans are not saying that the sequester is...