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Bravo! Finally, a Democrat with eyes to see the damage his party is doing to the country with their progressive policies.
"Vermont Senator–and self-identified democratic socialist–Bernie Sanders and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren were mentioned as possible liberal alternatives to Clinton..." And what makes these Democrats think that either Warren or Sanders could win a general election? Warren has only been a junior senator for a little over one year. How does that qualify her for the presidency? She has even less experience than Obama had and we have all seen how that has turned out for the nation. Hillary, precisely because she is not as liberal as Warren or Sanders, would stand a better chance in 2016 than either one of them. But my vote will be for the whoever the GOP nominates. I am sick to death of what the Dems are doing to my country.
The Democratic Party has morphed into an extreme leftist, Marxist cesspool far removed from traditional American values. After their slaughter int he midterms one would think that they would re-think what they believe in and move to the center where most voters are. What they need is a politically prophetic voice to tell them this. I left the party when they nominated George McGovern in 1972, and never looked back.
Warren has no executive experience. She has only been a junior senator for MA for over a year. She is no way prepared for the presidency. That is one strike against her. We cannot afford to elect a "first" anything in 2016, much less someone who, like Obama, has no executive experience. Second, her policies would make Obama look like a conservative. The voters have repudiated Obama's policies in the midterm elections and will not elect someone as far to the left as Warren. That's my take on her.
The "current nonsense" is going to continue and probably get much worse over the next two years. After the Dems defeat in the midterm elections, Obama is like a cornered animal who will want to ram his leftist agenda through via executive actions. He is going to leave his party (and the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee) gravely wounded and handicapped. By the time his presidency is over, the country will never elect another Democrat to the White House.
True. The humiliation of losing in 2016 would be too much for her. And if the Democratic Party sees the handwriting on the wall, they may nominate Old Joe Biden. They have to put someone up against the Republican nominee, so it may as well be someone who didn't have much of a chance at winning and would have little to lose. Elizabeth Warren can never win; she would be like Obama in drag and on steroids.
Anyone who saw the movie "2016: Obama's America" would have had the Trojan Horse revealed before the 2012 elections. And now its producer, Dinesh D'Souza, has been indicted. Is this payback?
And Hillary waiting in the wings, with MSM collusion clearing the way..."Hillary to the rescue!" I think not!
Or for the colluders in the MSM who covered for him and defended him at every turn. They have utterly failed the nation for not calling this president to account for his actions and policies.
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The Demise of Pax Americana

Justinian Wrote: Nov 16, 2013 2:04 PM
The world can only hope that in 2016 the Americans voters will elect someone who can turn the debacle eight years of Obama have created on both the domestic and international scene. It seems that everything Obama touches turns to ashes. I, for one, want a proven leader who can resurrect America's stature abroad and heal its wounds at home. I can see no Democratic candidate that fits the bill and certainly not Hillary Clinton, who spent four years trotting around the globe as Obama's mouthpiece. She is way too tied to his apron strings for the nation to entrust the presidency to her.
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