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Mitt’s Closing Argument

justfine Wrote: Nov 05, 2012 4:06 PM
Republicans like to equate Libya with Iraq where 4784 Americans died, 30,000 have long term physical injuries and over 200,000 American GI's may suffer from the effects of head trauma due to IED explosions. All American survivors of the Republican party's social engineering in Iraq will need government run health care courtesy of the Veteran's Administration. The Republican party fuels the Libya kinetic intervention because they hate the fact that Americans did not die if massive numbers there. A truly lost cause in their own minds.
John C6 Wrote: Nov 05, 2012 6:43 PM
We won the war in Iraq.

Eisenhower could have avoided thousands of casualties by NOT invading Europe
in June 1944. He did. We took thousands of casualties, and won the war. We're
better off now because Eisenhower took the step needed to stop Hitler.

Bush stopped Saddam.

Obama has enabled our enemies with his feckless foreign policy, and some future
President may have to send Americans to die in a war caused by Obama's foolishness.

Fellow citizens,

As voters, you are the jury of this election. You must render a verdict on the president’s stewardship of this nation for the past four years. Yours is a solemn duty, one enshrined in the Constitution and held sacred by over two hundred years of law and tradition. Based on the evidence before you, I believe the verdict is clear.

At the Republican convention, Paul Ryan and I asked for your vote, and we explained why we, not President Obama, deserve it. We promised not to lower the seas or heal the planet, but simply to enact commonsense...