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I unfortunately concur. He WANTS to be impeached. He wants that soapbox from which to give impassioned speeches of his martyrdom. His agenda included several things, most of which he's advanced, though not all to nearly the level he wants. He's the lawless, control-freak president Nixon only dreamed of being. But one thing--a personal thing-on his agenda is the destruction of the GOP. He fervently wants singles...single party rule, single payer (nationalized) health care, single gov't branch superiority over all. He's got more psychoses than a shrink's manual and we're stuck with him for now. As bad is that even with GOP majorities in both Houses, we still lack enough vertebrates to truly oppose him. The warriors willing to stand on principles and fight are still too few though they look to be ready and willing to make it interesting. Who knows. Perhaps a few GOP old men will rediscover spines. Hey...it COULD happen. Yeah...not holding my breath either.
"it just doesn’t enforce the law at all."...exactly. The system isn't "broken". It isn't in frigging USE. The Laws are what are broken every day in every way by those who just ignore them. I wish we COULD ignore him but Barry the Arrogant his infested every part of everything. His infestation is costing me money and peace of mind...and any kind of rosy outlook for the future...daily. At least more people are figuring out how to tell when he's lying. His lips move. And if it's gonna be a real whopper...he ums and uhs ...
An article offering a sensible direction and baselines. Now if only we have enough vertebrates to follow through. There are several GOP alternative plans from Representatives, Senators and Governors. Using Mr. Goodman's parameters as a guide, evaluate all of them and either throw out or rethink those parts of each that don't pass that test. Then have a "reconciliation conference". They could even invite Dems, if they can find any who could be civil and who actually want to "fix" the mess Obamacare has made for the people. Surely there are a few left. But leave out the grandstanders on all sides. We can send in those clowns later. Much later.
I've pretty much given up on the GOP old men but not our warriors. The GOP "leadership" is, in far too many ways, as leftist progressive as the Dems. As Lenin said, “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” And so they do. But the GOP old men are still lacking in spines and testicular fortitude so can be pushed. The Senate amnesty might already be law if they weren't malleable to and afraid of their own voters. Their conservative voters (and especially Tea Party) badgered them all to oppose Obamacare...so it got not one GOP vote. It's true. They really don't want to listen to us. Like the progressive Left, the progressive Right is certain they know what's best and we're just too ignorant to realize that. Gruber does NOT represent the Democrat party. He is a true representative of Progressive thinking in all parties. They share nearly equally the Arrogance of Power. But as with any legal and constitutional amnesty and Obamacare, we can keep most of the GOP from outright treason to their own stated platform and ideals. Takes a lot of calls, emails, faxes, social media...in short...harass the snot out of them but let us not forget the praise. When your elected official does as he/she should, in accordance with their promises and platform's ideals...call, email, fax, etc and PRAISE THEM. When training any creature, praise is at least if not more important than punishment--which must also be sure and swift.
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Control Freaks

justemptypockets Wrote: Nov 21, 2014 4:58 AM
So many laws, old and outdated laws, new and complicated laws, sensible laws and lots of should-mind-your-own-business laws...no one can know them all. We break them without ever knowing, unless someone wants to "get" you for whatever reason. No such thing anymore as "I'm doing nothing wrong." There ought to be a law...and that's how it began.
The last time the GOP made a real effort to govern WITH the will of the people, Obama decided to have a temper tantrum. His narcissistic "all about me", my way or no way was reported by the media as GOP intransigence instead of Barry's . Yet here we are just after the next election and...the GOP did even better than before. So GOP---do what's right. Make sure you miss no opportunity, using every media option, to tell the people the GOP is listening to the people and doing as the people demanded. The GOP is looking out for what is best for ALL Americans...not what's best for illegal aliens, corporate raiders or politicians who would divide us over identity politics. Make your case to the American people. Don't try tailoring it to suit all the different groups--your balls will hit the ground just as the Lefttist jugglers' have just done. Each of you are there to look out for the best interests of the people of your states by doing what is in the best interests of the country we all share. Any kind of amnesty-even if supposedly temporary--is AGAINST the best interests of all Americans in every state (especially since Barry thoughtfully sneaked numbers of illegals into every single state). The issue is what's best for Americans...do that.
Right. Chisel that line deeply into bedrock and make it deep enough that any who try to flip-flop back and forth over it, fall in instead.
"The American story is wonderful, and mostly positive, but there are warts, and they should not be over looked." True statement about human history the world over. Learning history, aside from providing continuity, gives people the chance to avoid actions proven in the past to be failures for one or more reasons. We must learn from the mistakes of others since we simply don't live long enough to make them all ourselves...and one hopes, we're smart enough not to want to. History is a treasure map. It shows where the traps are, where the best routes are and where, ultimately the treasure of individual liberty may be found. Allowing these ideologues to monkey with the map means we'll lose our way--badly--and it will take generations to relocate the lost treasure again, if ever. So teach history in its flawed fullness. Good people sometimes do bad things and even truly bad people occasionally do a good thing. Even "good intentions" don't equal good policy. Teach the story of people...the whole story, even as Paul Harvey said, "the rest of the story"...flowers, warts and all.
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EPA’s Next Regulatory Tsunami

justemptypockets Wrote: Nov 16, 2014 11:46 AM
"These arrogant, unelected, unaccountable, deceitful, dictatorial elites"...the bureaucratic morass that's dragging us down and under intentionally to facilitate their progressive "wealth redistribution"...which is no such thing. The only ones who will gain "wealth" are them and the insiders. The rest of us will share in misery and declining standards for everything. The only answer is to cull the bureaucrats--shrink the size and scope of gov't, shutter agencies or at a minimum freeze all remuneration and hiring, cancel pensions. I know...I'm not holding my breath either.
No progressive policy can be defended in the light of day. Plain and unbiased facts slay them like a stake through the heart "ashes" bloodsucking vampires. Vampires are real---they work for the gov't and suck us all dry as husks.
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