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"the guy should probably pick up a new hobby." Yeah, Bloomberg's picture would be exceedingly popular as a range target. He might double his current portfolio!
"This group in Seattle is willing to pay you $13 per hour to go lobby for a $15 per hour minimum wage." And those supposed brilliant intellectuals see no hypocrisy there, I'm sure. Hope someone sues them into the middle of the next century. What a laugh that would be.
Yeah, that whole WMD excuse for war with a mass murderer...gee, even without info from all the Really Smart People, the CIA, the ABCDEFGXYZ...even I, a lowly middle class "worker" figured out that ALL the intelligence agencies in the Whole World...might have gotten it right. I even, reluctantly, found myself in agreement with elected idjits with whom I'd NEVER before (or since) agreed. You know the cartoon image of an idea---the lightbulb lighting up? Mine just blew up. I knew the media was biased but until then I hadnt admitted how viciously and deeply entrenched they were into lying for a living to protect losers.
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IRS Still Not Getting the Message

justemptypockets Wrote: Oct 19, 2014 10:24 AM
The IRS. Now remove the space to see the problem: theIRS. That is their attitude, their intent, their mission...it's all theIRS except for any they decide to let you keep. Who is stopping them? Only a relative few are even actually trying. Lerner admitted to IRS targeting certain taxpayers based on their opposing (to the regime) political views. Yet she's still smirking her way through testimony, free as a bird...and taxpayer paid. TheIRS intentionally disclosed personal information, again based solely on politics, in clear violation of black letter federal law. Crickets there, too...no investigation, no arrests, no one fired...I wouldn't be surprised to find the ringleader of that got a bonus. The corruption and Leftist partisanship of the ideologues at the top (as well as some long term civil so-called servants) has become institutionalized. Abolish the entirety of current tax code, Pass a Flat tax and shut it down. This is a property in dire need of demolition; no amount of remodeling will make it livable...for we the people.
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Obama's Biggest Fail Yet

justemptypockets Wrote: Oct 19, 2014 9:41 AM
"Of course he’s an idiot." Harsh, john. Really harsh. And totally unfair to actual idiots who had no choice. [Psychology. (no longer in technical use; considered offensive) a person of the lowest order in a former and discarded classification of mental retardation, having a mental age of less than three years old and an intelligence quotient under 25.] I'm pretty sure his IQ is at least a bit above 25, though good luck to anyone who can find proof. Obama chooses to behave as an idiot which, according to my mother's definition, makes him stupid...or stoopid, if you prefer. We're all born ignorant. Some actively choose to remain so...and that's just stupid. So, true idiots are born and deserving of our compassion. Stupid people are entirely self-made...into functional idiots. But all your points are crushingly true and shameful for Americans who chose stupidity...and Obama, especially the 2nd time.
The IMF, like all other bureaucratic anthills that depend on governments for support, practices the "art" of talking out of both sides of their mouths--in both faces--simultaneously, while straddling, bare-assed naked--a rough hewn log fence....and waving and smiling for the photo op. It's a wonder any of them ever make any sense, except by accident or innattention.
"Origami condoms?!? I’m almost tempted to do a web search to see what that even means, particularly since there are male, female, and anal versions." Having an inquiring mind, I also thought--briefly--about looking that up. Then 10 seconds later I remembered an important truism: some pictures, you do NOT want in your head. I think that might fall into that category.
“We are dealing with bullies used to getting away with abuse of power.” Exactly correct. Plus...The made up so-called "separation of church and state" so universally lauded by the Leftists and progressives seems to mean that no "church (Christianity) can show its face near any "state" place or function. But it clearly does not mean the "State" won't readily, unconstitutionally and unethically shove itself into the business and practices of any Church, should they dare to fail on total submission to the progressive (and murderous) agenda. So yet another--as though we needed more--example of a double standard, anti-Christian bias, bullying and progressive intolerance for any kind of disagreement from anyone.
I lived in the southwest for 20 years (my neighbor was BP)...until 3 years ago. I saw those signs and saw the areas where they were placed increase. I also saw the "checkpoint" moved farther inland so that to go north (to Tucson) I-an American born citizen-had to go through it just as I would AT the border, though they didn't require passports--yet. Seems we've already effectively ceded 50 miles of border land. I saw the caliber of those illegally invading change as well. From "poor people just looking for a better life" to some of those plus a whole bunch of criminals and dregs prone to crime. Mexicans, while not inherently bad as a people, ARE from a different culture. VERY different from ours so even the good people have very different ideas about "private property". And now there are reports that the Islamo-fascists are collaborating with the cartel thugs. Open borders ended badly for the Indians. It's going to end far worse for US, given the current threats in the world--people AND "things" such as diseases, chemicals, enemies' choice weapons...
Tamooressi IS "one of our people" and Holder and Obama are still nowhere.
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