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continuing...Common core will be a done deal. Our kids will be guinea pigs for his corporatist buddies. The "state" will determine the future employment for them based on what the state needs and what the lab rat...er...student does best. Just like his idols the USSR, Cuba, etc. He sees all this as the way things should be. He's merely fixing it. Yes. He's that delusional and that ideologically blinded. Remember when the gov't would be accused of something awful and we would say, "they would never do that"? No longer applies. He and his inner cabal are "ends justify the means" socialists. They will do what it takes, whatever it takes to "fundamentally transform America" into the socialist nation they believe in their tiny, warped minds we should be. I hope all this is a gross exaggeration. I pray I'm totally wrong. I fear I'm not.
All that's mentioned in the article and in the comments below is only the beginning. He's been testing, getting bolder and bolder to see if there is any who would dare to even try to stop him. There are none. You and I don't count. We don't matter. He's weaponized our own gov't against us already and is in the process of nationalizing our police forces by bribe or threat to get the national security force he spoke about. One equipped as well as our military. Remember? He isn't going to create one from scratch. He doesn't need to. He'll just warp what we have, our local and state police into his "national security" force beholden only to him. Gun control leading to confiscation won't be far behind. His unconstitutional amnesty by memo...will cover all illegals in the country. Not just the ones already here but any who make it in for the next few months, too. Maybe he'll leave that for last so the next two years he can invite a couple million more in. Unless of course, Congress grants it constitutionally which should be considered. He told us what he was going to do via Valerie Jarret. She said he intends to finish his agenda and her job is to help him do it. He had a serious chat with Prince William during his recent visit to the White House about how to set up a monarchy. He was advised that the Constitution would have to be dismantled. He admitted it would be difficult...but it could be done. So, king or emperor or plain dictator, he's got plans, folks. Don't forget his comment to the president of France while visiting the White House, OUR house, "I can do anything I want." And damned if he can't since no one is stopping him. He's already done a fair purge of our military but he's far from done there. He'll finish decimating it and leave them with ROE's impossible to survive. But then Barry the Arrogant doesn't want the US military anywhere near any real conflict, not even to save our nation and certainly not to help any ally. Israel, beware. He's already sold you out. Like the UN, he's on the side of Hamas. He's going to pull out every note and dusty old wish from every progressive rathole and make all of them come true. Cap and trade? One way or another...done. He will kill our energy sector and energy will be beyond the means for most of us but for small amounts. The education system will be nationalized from pre-K through college just like college loans already are. continued...
He's working as hard as his tiny community organizer heart can stand to nationalize all police forces, complete with military hardware. THEN he can be "commander in Chief" for them, too, and do to them what he's doing to our military. Besides, he does like his "beer summits"...
Christianity had its violent periods. No argument. That wasn't the religion but the people who perverted the religion. In Islam, it's both the religion--which advocates violence, slavery, etc. AND the perverted people who twist it further. Plus, Christianity stopped it's violence as it matured. Seems Mo's buds are going to stay violent, evil bullies forever.
or...it's a progressive religious option.
Excellent. Should be presented to that school functionary as an alternative lesson the parents would accept. Throw out the other one. Betcha the response would be one of two things: 1-crickets or, 2-OUTRAGE at "pushing a religion"
Progressive always try to get the "branding" right on their agenda items. Words like "optics" come to mind. If it's marketed properly--which means with all possible speed, fraud and corruption--it's too far entrenched before they're caught. Obamacare is another example. The GOP-e (establishment), progressive-lite, has dallied long enough to let it become entrenched enough that they now make the argument, "we'll just "fix" it", like a major train wreck can just be "fixed". Common Core didn't manage to get that far though it got fairly deeply embedded before the warnings started to be heeded. So what has the response been from some of its supporters when confronted by its obvious statist/indoctrinational materials? "Rebranding". Just change the name and keep sneaking it past us until it's far enough down our throats they can just SHOVE it the rest of the way. Well, Jeb and the other Communist Core supporters...YOU shove it down your own kids' and grandkids' throats. Indoctrinate THEM. Leave ours alone.
Nearly ALL bullies are cowards. They don't pick on those who might fight back and...shudder, gasp...WIN. OMG, NO. Cowards,
Pretty sure that if we had that sarcasm font that worked in comments, that one would be in that font--all bold.
More lessons to come, though. Or perhaps that's in the college level material.
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