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It's Better Now

justemptypockets Wrote: 13 hours ago (10:04 AM)
We have been governed--herded--by fear, crisis, 'nudging' for decades. Idiotic, failed progressive policies and their assassin, political correctness, have created many of those crises and amped up the fear. Then those who caused the fears, crises, problems magnanimously step up and offer to "fix" the problems, protect us from that which we now fear (because of them). As communication has become instantaneous, widespread and non-stop, all that has only increased. There is so much information that no one can keep up with all of it. Unfortunately there is also so much that finding the truth has often become more difficult rather than easier. The needle is harder to find as the haystack grows. Thank you, John, for adding perspective. We have enough real problems without exaggerating them. Only factual information will allow us to know which policies--and what parts of them--are awful and need adjusting (and by how much), overhauling or throwing out.
I'm sure Pravda does likewise as well as any Chinese media, Cuban... We'll know the censorship has increased when we STOP hearing about attempts (successful or not) at it. The thing about progressive socialism/statism and it's assassin, political correctness is that you can often learn more about something by what is omitted than by what is said.
"the underlying disease of too much spending" is where debt comes from...duh! All those so-called (by themselves and other idiots) must also think flowers come from stems, that roots have nothing to do with it.
Truth, indeed.
As for..."it’s quite possible that there is some global warming caused by mankind". I will not accept that in whole or in part without actual scientific proof...and not the nebulous kind offered by video simulations/video games. Climate change is as old as the ...um, climate. Humanity on this planet are quite literally NOT. When we know what caused it in the past, pre-human eras, then perhaps we can say if anything we do is contributing in some small way. We make it dirty---air, water, soil--when we are ignorant, poor and/or desperate. The cleanest places are the most prosperous places, in neighborhoods or countries. That I can get with the non-nutty two or three environmentalists. But the eco-wackos ought to take a look at the toxic conditions in socialist/communist countries and consider that (though I haven't checked lately) for a very long time, our own gov't, especially the DoD, was the biggest polluter in the US. So much for them "leading the way", huh?
"too many of these people are nuts" You have a real flair for understatement, Dan.
Sanger was a eugenicist. Though her main target was America's blacks, all the other "undesirables" were lesser targets, especially the poor. Considering the current percentage of black in our population compared to past numbers, seems they have been pretty successful and though they haven't made a dent in reducing the number of "poor", statistically, that's due mostly to the redefining of the word (and the income level and where it originates). The majority of our "poor" today live better than the majority of middle class in most of the world. But PP has exported their genocide now. They'll be giving their brand of "help" in lots of other places. World wide genocide defined as "civil rights". It's the progressive way...
...In sympatico with this "community organized" (and bused in) crowd. Tantaros, on The Five said that image was not a candid shot by just anyone. That was THE selected shot from the White House's images. I guess they think it made him look so cool. They really have no fricking idea...
So...Berkley Bozos...why just Hamas? What? Did all the other Islamofascist whack jobs not meet your standards? Tick you off?
Start the day--especially the news part--with well delivered, erudite commentary. Thanks, Michael.
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