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I see we still lack a usable sarcasm font. THAT'S something we really need. Progressives always--yes, I do mean ALWAYS--change the words/definitions of things they have done or intend to do when they become too toxic for them. They call it "rebranding". Do that to someone's cattle and they call it rustling and folks used to get hung for that. Example: progressives have advanced their statist/globalist agenda under the labels of "progressive", "liberal" and even simply "democrat", switching one for the other when they make the one they're using poisonous enough. Hint--all of them are now synonymous. I've had individual health insurance in different states for most of 3 decades. I was even licensed to sell it for awhile in one of those states. I had sense enough to know I needed the amount of coverage I purchased without some gov't agency or bureaucrat "inviting" me to get it or a different agency threatening me if I failed to accept the "invitation". My birthday is fast approaching so I got my usual greeting from my health insurance company---my annual rate hike. This year there was a "present" (insert sarcasm font here). In order to finish being ACA compliant, my policy would go the rest of the way and add a couple of things...things I didn't want any more than I'd wanted the last batch of add-ons. And for that privilege (sarcasm again) my deductible would be raised by $500, co pay split from 80/60% to 70/50%, annual OOP up by$700 aaaaand...new premium $200 month HIGHER. I declined the "gift" of their "better coverage" since my Ins. co. offered me the option of using that waiver that will let me keep my "old, deficient policy" for another year...for just $50 month more! What a deal! (Really need a sarcasm font.) It isn't the "affordable" anything nor Obamacare...he does NOT care. Really--he doesn't care. It was never about anything but taking over more of the economy and gaining CONTROL over something necessary to use against his "enemies" (enemy defined as anyone who disagrees). VOTE and wisely...for courageous, principled fighters. This regime has become ACORN...a corrupt bunch of "community organizers" intent on causing division, tension and destruction, in hopes of a "glorious socialist revival"...God help us all.
In that Udall appearance with Michelle my belle, he also had his own "moment"... "I’m so proud of our country. In 2008 and 2012, we showed that Dr. Martin Luther King had it right,” Udall said. “Which is that in America, at our best, we judge people by the content of their color–” Mark Udall, long may he hunt for his next job...along with dozens of other ousted progs who's entertainment value isn't enough to offset their cost to us all.
The underlying cause of all the corruption and abuse of power found in the majority of our elected officials in DC all the way down to local is a defect we can call the ARROGANCE OF POWER which if left to run its course reaches the "let them eat cake" phase. We can see it throughout history when people in power make the rules then don't live by them. That's bad enough but eventually they start thumbing their noses at anyone who calls them on it. Then they start really rubbing it in. Eventually, people get fed up enough to do something about it. More and more Americans are getting fed up
"For years the White House--LIED...AGAIN--- has argued it had nothing to do with Operation Fast and Furious while it was active and certainly wasn't involved the fallout and cover-up that followed after Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed in 2010 by Mexican bandits carrying guns from the lethal program. " Valerie is the "power behind the throne". She;s there as facilitator to see the Soros/globalist agenda is advanced, with or in spite of Barry.
"I like the bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit." Me, too, and that's all I'll eat there...if I'm on the road which I'm increasingly...NOT. Wendy's and Subway are pretty widely distributed and offer good food (mostly) with more personalization (especially Subway) in a reasonably short time for fair prices. For chicken I try to go with Chick-fil-A because I like their attitude as well as their food and good, friendly service, though Mike's right. Wendy's Chicken sandwich is pretty good. "Fast food" should be first...FAST but sacrificing taste and choice just for speed won't work. Feeding people is a...pay attention McD...SERVICE BUSINESS. That means serving the customers as they wish to be served, not as you please. They'll leave you in droves...which you're discovering.
to finish your list... 4. grows itself larger 5.creates unnecessary and burdensome laws, and regulations 6. butts into anyplace, anywhere into anything it isn't forcefully denied 7. spends, spends, spends 8. ignoring the will of the people it supposedly "serves" 9. protecting its insiders but what it does best of all is... 10. failing utterly to adhere to the Constitution of the United States of America
An anti-gun Dem, a RADICAL, violent, anti-gun Dem arrested for carrying a weapon ILLEGALLY. Stupid and arrogant...the laws don't apply to THEM. I hope the judge isn't a friend of hers. Throw the book-for which she has no regard--at her. Don't miss.
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Federal Persecutors

justemptypockets Wrote: Oct 22, 2014 8:05 AM
Our government has become an ongoing criminal conspiracy and institutionalized core deep corruption. Just like any other banana republic run by a narcissistic crackpot.
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The Hunter Biden Chronicles

justemptypockets Wrote: Oct 22, 2014 7:30 AM
We have more than one "entitlement" class but we the people are supporting all of them.
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Predatory Journalism

justemptypockets Wrote: Oct 21, 2014 8:46 AM
It's true that everyone isn't born a genius-thankfully. Nor is everyone ever going to achieve equal outcomes, as much because they don't WANT to as because they can't. But you conflating ignorance with poverty puts you firmly into the "stupid" category. We all have areas of ignorance since no one knows everything. Stupid is willful ignorance. Are the poor "willfully ignorant" because they have been denied access to any but failing schools/indoctrination centers...by progressive Leftists? Or because since Johnson's "war on poverty" was launched, the effort has been pretty successful at dumbing them down and making them dependent? It has been the progressive agenda for decades to lock certain "classes" into slots from which few escape. The progs need the "poor" as a grievance group to extort more money and need to grow ever more gov't. They are easier to control if they are mostly a static population, demographically known and excitable. They have been as totally indoctrinated as any kid growing up under Hamas, ISIS or any other group that preaches hatred for any "others". A few escape but the majority don't even know to look for better. As bad for the US and the world as the abysmal ignorance of the "poor" generally is the stupidity of those in higher social strata. Their ignorance is willful. They choose to remain ignorant of facts and history, oblivious to the utter destruction being wrought by policies of which they care to know nothing. Common sense has been systematically and actively discouraged by the progressives who invaded and conquered our educational system. Political correctness has been diligently assassinating any that managed to escape the educational indoctrination. But those with "means" can far more easily overcome all of that...but most don't. Rail at the ignorance of the poor if it makes you feel superior but fight the stupidity of the middle and upper strata for it's them who are truly destroying us. They have been and remain larger in number--for now--but their willful ignorance is stupidity in action.
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