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Funny...the actual big name tax "evaders" and cheats these days are Dems like Little Timmy G, Rangel, many others. Your (no doubt) idols, the Kennedys hid their money in tax havens to avoid paying "their fair share". Romney actually overpaid his taxes according to theIRS. Not so the Clintons, Obamas, Kennedys, Rockefellers, etc... Yet, no matter how efficiently multi-billionaire Soros' (who pays the absolute minimum of taxes AND cheats, too) minions and myrmidons confiscate the legally earned wealth of others...you and I will continue to get poorer. In fact, the faster THEY consume, the quicker we will see our standard of living drop. As our taxes have increased (in several areas and several times) in the last six years...incomes have dropped, middle class wealth has evaporated and no new wealth is being created...or the jobs that usually accompany it. Sclaus...they aren't going to take the wealth of others and give it to YOU. They will keep it themselves and get even richer. And I can promise you, those doing this are far from deserving of it.
Only two things are infinite...the universe and human stupidity and I'm not sure about the former...Einstein (paraphrased). Not knowing everything is...unavoidable. Not wanting to know anything...that's this bunch of bus riders.
As well as lots of hydrocarbons. Those buses don't run on air. And tires contain a lot of "petroleum" product. And the exhaling and flatulence...
One kinda-sorta good thing about Obama-doesn't-care is that a lot more people are now paying their own insurance premiums. They "own" their own policy as I have done nearly all my life. They are finally realizing how deductible works to lower premiums and how increasing coverage raises those premiums. I preferred the "old" way. Get your own policy to cover your own concerns including what used to be termed "hospitalization"...for when you had to stay in one. Office visits, lab work, prescriptions, regular checkups...were never on my coverage. The annual cost of the premiums was higher than the annual cost of all those things. So with birth control, make it over the counter and remove it from the mandate. Lots of problems solved, no religious conflict with third payers objecting to all or part of it. And the costs ARE lower than the increase of premiums.
Islam is not a peaceful religion. In its 1400 years, it has killed 270 MILLION people (578 per day on average). There are a lot of people, Christians, Jews, atheists, Buddhists...who are afraid. They will appease right up until they are slaughtered. I'm NOT one of them. Not because I have no fear but because I have more faith than fear.
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How Far Away Can Skynet Be?

justemptypockets Wrote: Sep 14, 2014 12:29 PM
I am old enough to remember watching sci-fi features or reading books that were science fiction when I was a kid and seeing some of those same concepts become science fact. I remember reading "1984" and how horrible it sounded and we'd never be like that...would we? What someone conceives [of], and they or someone else believes [in], they or someone later on will achieve. So...Skynet...not so farfetched as I wish. Just like "1984". Took longer, but it got here...all but danged near...
Ridiculous. Central planning at its dumbest. I just read an article about sixth graders being given an assignment: An Essay… Compare Bush To Hitler! It's a wonder they have the time to teach them anything with all the indoctrination in the midst of all the political correctness. The schools have become a stinking liberal, far left experiment in educational theory. Common core is the bow that ties it all together, that institutionalizes all this cr...er...garbage.
He may be short of stature but he's long on smarts and snark. LOVE it!
On the article, home run. You hit it out of the park. (This is the THIRD time I'm typing this. The other two were erased in refreshing of your page.)
Your page refreshes far too quickly. Three sentences then...erased. BAD!!!
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