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I explained to a liberal friend why third party payer, especially when that 3rd party is government (and gov't is NEVER frugal), increases costs. Why it could not possibly do otherwise. "Third party" is people...another layer or layers of people. I asked my friend, "Who do you know who works for nothing?" As a business owner, this friend also knew that one of the highest costs for business (if not THE highest cost) is personnel. Add layers of personnel, add layers of payment for them---salaries, benefits, etc. Then "infrastructure" for them. Add people to deal with all the extra people so you can still take care of the actual business and your duties. Add payment for them and the added infrastructure. As the Community Organizer in Chief , he who has never run so much as a lemonade stand, has said, "it's just math."
The ADA is the "gold standard" for protections for the disabled. The UN is the gold standard for corruption, incompetence, hypocrisy and protections for despots. Why is the UN still in NYC? Why are we still members? And why are American taxpayers borrowing money from China or whomever will lend us money so we can give it to those corruptocrats?
I read that there's now a blood test that may detect Alzhimer's. Has Dingy Harry been tested? He's definately suffering...scratch that...he's making US suffer through a chronic case of derangement syndrome of some sort. Maybe a nice visit to Colorado. A loooong one.
"Mend it, don't end it" otherwise known as the scared ones realizing what a sack of lemons they've created so now they're trying to make cherry Kool Aid with them. They're supposed to say, "THIS isn't what I voted for". That's supposed to excuse them. But THIS is EXACTLY what they voted for. They might have known that had they bothered to read the bill or even read summaries by others who's read the bill. All this was projected. And more yet to come...even if Obama continues to try to postpone it until after 2014 mid terms and 2016. Nope, they were just too busy taking their bribes (such as Landrieu's La. Purchase) and revelling in the power high of "shoving it down our throats. Well...shove this...the word's out and the support for this massive power grab drops daily.
The American left-wing agenda:...and add lie, lie, lie and distract the low info bunch with something else---ANYTHING else, even made up stuff (GOP "war on women") Pelosi yesterday: "...it's the AFFORDABLE Care Act...". She then repeated "affordable" several times. "Affordable to her is obviously different (as a multi millionaire) than it is for the rest of us who now have health associated costs often doubling...NOT diminishing, as "promised"...another LIE.
"Maybe one day McAuliffe will place Virginia's needs over those of gun control advocates." He's a progressive...so that's true only in your dreams. For progressives, it's their policies before any people.
This cannot be repeated too often..."progressives never quit". Never. Like evil versions of the Ever-ready bunny...they just keep throwing stuff at you and throwing stuff at you and throwing stuff at you...until they either wear you out or sneak past your guard. Like we've all seen on crime shows where the cops say about the worst serial killer, "he'll never stop. He has to BE stopped." Progressives are exactly like that. And...WTF is an "assault pistol"? Where do these people get this cr...er...garbage? How about this---all legislative members in either House who wish "protection" can hire a detail AT THEIR OWN COST (including firearms used and ammo that has to be legal under the same laws that we have to obey) or they must take and pass firearm safety classes and get their own permits--in accordance with their home jurisdiction AND DC--buy their own "protection(again, in accordance with the law) and ammo and "protect" themselves. NO more taxpayer paid protection for anyone under VP (and I'd pull that but Biden is an idiot and would likely shoot the chef by accident). Probably wouldn't stop them but at least it might make their terminology less childishly ignorant. And it would tickle my fancy if they had to pay their own way!
"To those who cling to power through corruption and deceit and the silencing of dissent, know that you are on the wrong side of history,..."...Obama, projecting his own actions and philosophy onto others. He's perfect. HE can "do anything he wants" and that's justified because he's...well "the one". It's those other people...those who don't do what I say. He's not only "on the wrong side of history" by his own definition, he's gotten on the wrong side of the majority of Americans and her friends, allies...and even her enemies. He's one for the history books, alright---the WORST ever, bar none. Carter must feel better.
Not only is Obama a man-child, he's also a one-trick pony. Though (if any part of his "autobiography" can be believed) he's held "positions", the only "work" he's ever done is "community organizing"...trouble making, carpetbagger...the names change, the job description doesn't. It's the same "work" he's done and is doing at the White House. He causes the greatest amount of trouble to benefit his crony-ists. The hell with anyone else. It's why he has no foreign policy--that wasn't his "job"; that falls to his trouble maker mentor[s]. A one-trick pony who stayed too long in the ring so his lack of tricks/skills becomes too apparent.
When the chief executive brags about his flaunting of the Constitution and says, "I can do anything I want",; when the top law enforcement officer in the nation, the Attorney General, blatantly states he will not enforce laws he doesn't like and is caught--red-handed- in illegal acts...and nothing happens to either of the, then the entire bureaucratic structure will display greater and greater measures of the same bullying, thuggish, illegal behavior. It's like mob mentality...they're getting away with it so I can, too. Rotten to the core. I know all government employees haven't succumbed to the rot but as time passes and the lawlessness continues--increases, even--more will join in.
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