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This Is “Forward”?

justemptypockets Wrote: Jan 26, 2015 8:51 AM
"Forward" is like some of the other catchy campaign phrases that sparkle and shine but mean nothing out of context. "Change" is another as is "progress". Even "fair" doesn't necessarily mean what YOU think it means to the person using it to dazzle you. Depends on who decides what "fair" means. Forward...to where? Change...to what? Progress...toward what? Fair? NO. Nor "social justice". EQUAL justice for ALL...can we move forward, making progress toward changing to that? Apparently not, at least not right now. Division seems to be preferred.
What's got Barry's panties in a wad (under the mom jeans) is Boehner's move helps counter Barry's intent and actions to ensure Netanyahu loses this election. Barry wants someone more willing to appease Hamas ND iran thereby ensuring Israel's destruction and obliteration. It's seen in his insistence on the use of ISIL instead of ISIS..the "L" is Levant which has no Israel. Barry has snubbed Bibi at every turn attempting to undermine him. Though Boehner is far from a favorite of mine, with this move, he earned a whole bunch of points from me.
And this is with a so-called "free media/press". The gov't doesn't have to "nationalize" them. The media just has to WANT them to and it's the same thing.
They have the worst record for service of any of their group. Imagine how much WORSE they would be as a monopoly.
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Does Europe Have No-go Zones?

justemptypockets Wrote: Jan 21, 2015 11:40 AM
So, short answer...no, not technically. But functionally, yes barring some major disruptions. But just because they haven't gone all the way to technically ceding them to foreign control doesn't mean they aren't "no go zones" in actions. Foreign courts being given precedence over "home" courts, functionally different sets of laws being enforced by different law enforcement bodies...yep, they may get their panties in a wad because they've been outed, but it's the truth in function if not in fact---yet.
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Restate of the Union

justemptypockets Wrote: Jan 21, 2015 9:54 AM
Government's involvement in the people's business dealings (what we call the private sector) is similar to an angry 500 lb gorilla's involvement in "helping" in a china shop.
Doug, don't discount Jindal. He's quite smart. He's also a politician. But the smart part says he gets it while the pol part says he has to say it in certain terms. The US is allied with several Muslim countries. Not friends but not outright enemies either so to call all Muslims enemies, even if true in some sense, would be to deny any assistance we might require of them. Some of that assistance, which if they are keeping up their double dealing, they must render. Some of the Islamic states are as much or more scared by ISIS and al Queda and the other jihadist groups as we are with good reason. They're right there. Saudi Arabia is building a fricking wall to try to keep out the very people they've been trying to pacify by funding hoping they'd attack others and leave them alone. Though SA is already sharia their royals certainly cannot, for the most part, be considered devout...and they don't want to die any more than we do. Of the 1.6 billion Muslims (?), though their religion does instruct them to do as ISIS is doing, most are no longer interested in living in the 7th century and perhaps half don't agree with the "my way or no way", kill 'em all dictates. The numbers we've calculated for actual jihadis versus "peaceful" Muslims say the violent ones are a minority but if the majority who do not agree with them (those half) don't stand up and fight for themselves, then they are--as Jindal says--part of the problem and irrelevant to the solution. He's saying the're at the place where they have to pick sides. As do we all.
A conservative of any color whether tea party or not in the progressive Republican Party is closer but so far all they do is try to destroy you, not kill you...yet.
When you're looking for an excuse [to do what you want to do], anything will do. The GOP progressives are worse than the Dem progressives. The latter tell us they want amnesty. The former lie about it, campaigned against it...and are searching for any excuse to get it done. Betrayers without principle.
"When people fear the government there is tyranny. When the government fears the people there is liberty." This is another admission that they fear us. They've shown it repeatedly by targeting conservatives, tea party, etc. with the entire alphabet, by including us in gov't docs as "radicals" or "extremists" simply because we disagree with them and their statist policies, by the frothy mouths they show when calling us vile names and accusing us of everything of which they, themselves are guilty--or will be. They fear us not because of our protests or rallies or meetings but because we communicate effectively. Even more they fear us because we've discovered that WE are also community organizers and that's something they never wanted us to find out. Only progressives are supposed to control that kind of power for disruption in pursuit of positive change...or negative in their case.
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