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Hands off My Sharing Economy

justemptypockets Wrote: Aug 24, 2014 7:26 AM
This quite clearly shows that politics is about profits. Those with the money use politics to protect theirs and grow it while those of us without the money get...leftovers, scraps and occasional chunks of meat...quite by accident. Politics is no longer (if it ever was) about "serving the public" or "public interest" or any of those other warm, fuzzy descriptors. It's "the ones with the money make the rules". I'm sure Plouffe is being paid quite well. I do adore the irony, though. Leftist progressive tactics used by a Leftist progressive against...Leftist progressives. (I know, there are some GOP progs in Ca., too, but so few they hardly cause a blip.)
"I’d like to get CNN’s opinion on the appropriate use of the word “moronic”." Can morons define "moronic"? "Eric Holder explained that he “understands” people’s mistrust of law enforcement. And this makes sense."...and he's worked very hard to solidify that mistrust by his own actions so really, he was just patting himself on the back for a job well done. He seems to have an Islamofascist attitude toward people. There's "US", progressive statists, then there's the "enemy", that's everyone else just as Islamofascists kill or enslave any "Infidels"---any "not us".
Someone else (who's "name" I can't recall, in commenting on a different article a few months ago said it well... "Obama is the president Nixon wanted to be."
I've lived in state Capitols several times and found all of them rife with progressive Leftists. A kind of mini-DC syndrome because they have a larger percentage of gov't employees/bureaucrats highly interested in keeping their jobs and excellent benefits and bonuses. Then add in the lobbyists, political consultants...virtually all the same things that afflict federal government but on a state level. They are also just as insular and out of touch with the majority of people and just as arrogantly certain of their superiority. We've all heard arguments for term limits for elected officials but (perhaps even more importantly) if there aren't iron clad term limits for bureaucrats, too, nothing will change. They are the "drones", the minions, the worker ants that write the bills, regs, etc. This drunken DA wasn't alone. She had lots of help from her office to commit this level of abuse of power and office, to purposely pervert the law.
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Random Thoughts

justemptypockets Wrote: Aug 19, 2014 8:56 AM
All excellent points, Mr. Sowell but the last one is priceless.
Many of the same things drawing the younger generations to libertarianism are also drawing disaffected Republicans and even some disillusioned Democrats. We see Repubs saying they favor small gov't while eagerly growing gov't, they favor privacy rights while they fund spying on all Americans on all fronts, they favor cutting spending...as they spend ever increasing wads and oodles of OUR wealth in fiat currency. Certainly, the world isn't ready for a pure Libertarian leader for it requires a level of personal responsibility on the part of each individual that nowhere in the world has or seems to want. But many of the principles work just fine today if reality based common sense are applied and Constitutional restraint is the guide.
[p]Resident Barry is going for a perfect record. So far, he's been wrong on everything. (Yes, I know he authorized the humanitarian aid for those trapped on that Iraqi mountain but he was already late and only public pressure made him care...after he CREATED the need by his ineptitude.) So I'm rethinking that whole "even a broken clock is right twice a day". I hear he's no better at golf. I just read that now he's at it again..."U.S. Halts Missile Transfer Requested By Israel" ( http://www.haaretz.com/news/diplomacy-defense/1.610493 ). Seems he was mad that politics had no say in the missiles we provide Israel--when and how many. POLITICS is what has caused the loss of wars already won or nearly so...now Israel will have to deal even more with ours. OMG! This is nothing but thug tactics to force Israel's compliance with the idiotic and suicidal "deal" of "Moe, Larry and Curly". This reprehensible toxic little toad of a [p]Resident of the WH...I wish all of them, every single one, would get a chronic, incurable case of laryngitis. We'd have a good paper/digital trail AND bonus...we wouldn't have to hear to them! And it might actually slow down their stupidity.
Conservatism is a unifying message but few of those on the right seem to have the ability to engage people and share that message. They don't seem "one of them", part of us. Rather they seem APART.. Conservatism is conserving the individual liberty of all. It's reclaiming and conserving equal justice for all. It's conserving all the greatness of America and the good she's done and can do while "progressing" toward a place where we've learned the lessons of the past's mistakes--made by US and all the others--so we don't repeat them. Again. It's conserving the things thousands of years of human civilization have proven work for the betterment of the greatest number of people...the family, morality, the rule of law, gov't that serves but remains small enough to be flexible and efficient. It's conservation of as much good and positive as we can manage while standing against the bad, the damaging, the destructive. Instead we have too many on the right who are as greedy for the power as those in power now. That isn't "conservative", that's betrayal. Conservatives--of varying "labels"--should be dedicated to taking power away from the greedy, the ones who believe in a "ruling elite" (of which they believe they are a part) and not keeping it but returning that stolen commodity--power, liberty--...back to the people. But who is saying that? Far too few. And fewer yet are acting that way. We don't need better "rulers". We need better "public servants", ones who---in the old terms--"know their place".
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Patrolmen Without Borders

justemptypockets Wrote: Aug 07, 2014 9:35 AM
Welcome to the party , folks. Those of us who lived in the southwest within 50 miles of the border have been dealing with this stuff for at least two decades. We pleaded. We begged. We yelled and wrote representatives in state legislatures as well as the federal legislature. We called. And no one listened. People were robbed, beaten and worse by illegals. Private property was trashed, destroyed and we heard...crickets. Environmentalists posted signs on parkland advising citizens it wasn't safe to enter an American park! But the illegals are trashing them and using them for bases, often for criminal activity. More crickets. Illegals slaughtered cattle--the livelihood of ranchers-to feed themselves or rustled to cross back into Mexico and threatened lives of any who interfered. They stole horses, sometimes to ride but often to run back across the border to slaughter in Mexico where they can be killed for food processing (illegal here). Pets, show horses, long time friends...stolen, slaughtered. "They're just poor people looking for a better life." Well, damn. Who isn't? I'm looking for a better life, too. Aren't you? I'm pretty sure even Obama and Trump aren't looking for worse lives for themselves and their families. But allowing--even encouraging--people to steal from all of us, make our lives worse is no good solution. Yes, most of the illegals are poor but so are increasing numbers of American citizens and LEGAL residents. That lame excuse is as nonsensical as "will work for food". Don't we all? If we had been enforcing our immigration laws all along, we wouldn't have so many that "kept going". We would have thought those who essentially ceded the first 25 miles, then 50 miles and now 100 miles of America adjacent to our borders were certifiable and insisted they get psychological help.
Open borders, as has always been true, didn't work out well for the Indians of the Americas. Nothing has changed that truth since. And even though gov't, via education/indoctrination has done its best to stamp out common sense, enough remains that a majority of people , citizens and legal residents, want the border secured, illegal entrants deported and our laws enforced. You'd think this would be one of those "no brainers". Turns out it is...as those with no functioning brains are screaming like stuck pigs, making ignorant demands and offering threats and insults. Most legal "hispanics" favor the rule of law and want our laws enforced. THEY obeyed the law, followed the rules. Why should these others not have to do the same? Why are they not required to follow the law? That is not the "equal justice" our Constitution promises. 20 years in the southwest, some of it in "sanctuary cities" (idiots), I heard too many try the excuse: "they're just poor people looking for a better life". Well, damn. Who isn't? I'm looking for a better life, too. I'm pretty sure even Obama and Trump aren't looking for worse lives for themselves and their families. But allowing--even encouraging--people to steal from all of us, make our lives worse is no good solution. Yes, most of the illegals are poor but so are increasing numbers of American citizens and LEGAL residents. That lame excuse is as nonsensical as "will work for food". Don't we all? The equality the socialists/globalists progressives' "social justice" seeks will have all of us equally poor. Well, all but THEM.
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