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Little tidbit for you, Mr. Chapman...I'll grant Obama is not responsible for all the violence, hatred and chaos in the world. But he IS responsible--entirely--for the world's perception of the USA as weak and disengaged from reality. His policies have done exactly zero to lessen hatreds--over there and here at home. When he's taken time off from his vacation vocation to actually participate in events, he's consistently made poor choices. He talks about "red lines" ...that never materialize. In fact, all he is is talk. "words, just words..." (Candidate Barack Hussein Obama). His foreign policy is mom jeans and throwing like a three year old. The outcomes we are seeing might not be appreciably changed if he had shown any wisdom and spine...or they could be vastly different. We'll never know. But the PERCEPTIONS of Americans and the world would be very different now and every tinpot dictator in the damn world wouldn't be thinking they could take on the USA...and WIN!
Like the vast majority of the entertainment industry, Joan is a die hard Leftist so her departure from their ranks on this is as surprising to me as it seems to have been to TMZ. But good for her, at least in one sense. But it also means she's capable of higher thinking so why her devotion to the rest of the Leftist destruction? Still, good on ya, Joan, for standing up this time!
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Moral Clarity at the Border

justemptypockets Wrote: Jul 26, 2014 10:06 AM
True. Our [P]-Resident Barry is callously using them as pawns as are their own governments. And as criminals are wont to do, they are exploiting a weakness. Not just terrorist types but lots of cartel shooters and dealers, too. The kids and the adults-190,000 or so! that no one mentions, as though there are ONLY kids--are pawns. We should care for them with Christian compassion...right there at the border since they should be returned to their country ASAP. Yes, it will cost money but far less than keeping them and less than sending them to Mexico for them to "handle" since they facilitated this mess, too. They would simply use it to bludgeon our spineless ones into financial and ideological submission...more than now.
Only if we hurry and we also play up the "democracy" part and downplay--hard--the rule of law and individual rights parts. But again...we'd have to hurry.
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What We Women Want

justemptypockets Wrote: Jul 26, 2014 9:02 AM
The better to use a "do nothing Congress" as an issue. It's time for Dingy Harry to be publicly punked. Take a copy of every page of those 321 bills the House has passed and use them to paper the Senate chamber just before the cameras start rolling. Maybe ole Harry will stop sitting on them like an old brooding hen if his feathers get sufficiently ruffled.
Well, they passed the bill. Now they're finding out what's in it. But this was no typo, no oversight. This was done intentionally as a carrot/stick to lure or if that didn't work, to bludgeon states into taking the handout making them more dependent on fed money...at least while it lasted. They were using it to try to force my gov to set up an exchange so we could get subsidies but we're one of the 36...thank you, God, he didn't cave. So again...liars lie.
Keeping it local makes the most sense or at the least only donating via the candidate's own website and organization. How about candidates that "out" the greedy, bait and switchers supposedly on our side. To fight corruption in gov't, the system and the process...begin with your own "house" and gain a lot of credibility. But don't leave out the other side...which I imagine is as bad if not a lot worse. People are increasingly disgusted by corruption and billions of dollars per election which is, if not directly corrupt, certainly fertile ground to grow massive corruption. Including our own corruptocrats (h/t Malkin) in any attack on all of them will perplex the MSM...how to cover the GOP hitting the GOP money-muggers without also hitting the Dem money muggers they also attack. It will make them crazy. Not least because supposedly they are opposed to unending dollars for candidates.
James55 andRich L. both make valid points. The problem isn't a lack of handouts or of money. It's the breakdown of family and morality. Neither of those things will change with more money. It was a Republican president who freed the slaves, another who first offered civil rights legislation--which was killed by a Democrat Congress. It was three Republicans who began the NAACP to give a platform from which to fight against the racist, Democrat Jim Crow laws. But Johnson, who was the deciding vote to kill civil rights in the Senate then, as president, took credit for it and the GOP let him and the Democrats take the credit. Johnson said it would keep the N-word as Democrat voters forever. So, they were "in the bag"...but now years later, they seem to getting out of the "bag". Good for them. I'm just sorry it took them so much pain and loss to realize the the destructiveness of gov't dependency.
"Do as I say, not as I do", the byword of every tyrant and tyrant wannabe. Hypocrisy is one of its most visible byproducts.
Crony capitalism is a good way to kill lots of things, first and foremost, individual freedom. Seems Colts in anyone's possession may become collector's items sooner rather than later. Shame a company with such a consistently superior product has also consistently had such poor business sense. I'm sure they'll "get" this..."Fortunes of war, boys and girls...fortunes of war" (or lack thereof).
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