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Cher is a joke. An aged, desperate "cougar" who should have stuck with her talent. She has no talent for truth.
What about all of that PLUS the rest of it still to come? The actual death panel of unelected, unfireable, unaccountable (to ANYONE including Congress and any future president) bureaucrats created in Obama-doesn’t-care? The true “death panel” even many Democrats who voted for it-without ever even pretending to begin to read it—now fear. Or more which will come from even more than the many tens of thousands of pages of regulations already added to it? Or when it actually begins to keep the promise made that it would “save” Medicare even after stealing many hundreds of millions from it…”saving” it through attrition. Fewer old people survive, less demand…voila! Medicare “saved”. “At some point, you just have to take the pill”, according to Barack Hussein Obama. That would be—for those who may be confused—the poison pill. Perhaps the height of hypocrisy of the Leftist progressives is their hatred of the death penalty for murderers and those who have committed heinous crimes against innocents while fully supporting mass murder of unborn children who have done nothing wrong and eugenics …the purposeful destruction of those deemed by our intellectual elitist “betters” to be “useless eaters” (George Bernard Shaw) and too old and therefore “unproductive”.
"do they represent our future or our past?"...The future. As we implement UN Agenda 21 more and more, most of the population will be "encouraged", "nudged" (eventually forced) into urban centers with mass transit, stacked and cramped living accommodations and...control over them nearly total. Private property will be discouraged and rare and reserved for the favored elites. The gov ‘t will decide where you live, where you are needed and will work and will allow you only the education to do the job they have selected (Common Core—all that ‘testing’ isn’t merely to sell info). “The common good” in the progressives’ utopian paradise does not allow for private ownership of housing…it isn’t “fair” unless everyone can have exactly the same thing. Yes…all rentals won’t be exactly equal either but then when have progressives ever admitted any hypocrisy or ignorance of reality?
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The Cancer of Multiculturalism

justemptypockets Wrote: Feb 25, 2015 8:24 AM
I suspect your comments would be highly offensive to the progressive globalists because your comment is truth and that is like shining a very bright light into the eyes of a dweller of the deep-dark...the progs.
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Kochs and Unions

justemptypockets Wrote: Feb 25, 2015 8:01 AM
I wish we had a dozen more Koch Brothers. They are far better for America and the world than Steyer, Soros, etc...and even Gates (with his bucks going to communize education turning it into straight indoctrinational dumbing down of the "workers of the world"). The Koch's also donate to Dems on occasion and to Dem causes when they coincide with their Libertarian, pro-capitalist, pro-liberty beliefs. If they were ALL leftist like Steyer, Soros, etc...Dean and the Left would defend them to the end...if they even mentioned them as "the rich".
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Who Loves America?

justemptypockets Wrote: Feb 24, 2015 10:58 AM
I have in my lifetime, not "liked" some of the policies and actions of my country but I have never not LOVED my country. Never in the history of the world has any country done more to free more people from suffering, death, slavery, tyranny and asked for only enough of the territory we've liberated, as Colin Powell pointed out, to bury our dead. We have had both good leaders and bad ones and our policies reflect that as well as mistakes made with "the best intentions" (which you'd think the left would appreciate). Obama's "love" for America is the "love" found in a megalomaniacal narcissist who sees something he wants to control totally.
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Giuliani Versus Obama

justemptypockets Wrote: Feb 24, 2015 9:41 AM
True and those same people were the ones who are STILL being targeted. The same ones who asked for his transcripts and birth certificate (though Hillary was the very first "birther"). The same ones who, after he was elected, told everyone the truth about the "stimulus". Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, etc...and STILL they don't listen to us even after we've been proven accurate time and time again. We keep telling them, "keep this up and the sky WILL fall...look, crumbling there and there... cracks forming and widening..." It's going to take the sky falling on their heads and then...I predict the "uninformed voters" and the entitlement slaves STILL won't believe us...even as they live our predictions.
Finally. Some "moderate" Muslims willing to show their faces in opposition to their bloody-minded brethren. This needs to happen all over the world.
Ah, Barry the Arrogant...still maintaining that perfect record...of making the wrong decision. When it comes to picking winners and losers, he's picked the loser every time. You can't do that by accident. Not only should the WH skip Brown's funeral, the WH should never have been involved in any way at all. The DoJ should never have been involved either. Barry himself should have been at the funerals of the General and Mrs. Thatcher. This isn't being disengaged. It's a loud and clear slap in the face...or let's use Blabbermouth-Schultz's phrase (her use was a lie, though)...this is Obama giving our military and our ally "the back of his hand" to the face.
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