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Achtung, Baby: Are People Being Encouraged to Rat On 'Anti-Government' Neighbors?

justemptypockets Wrote: May 05, 2013 10:34 AM
If this was to encourage people even more strongly to "inform' on people who have committed crimes, I'd be all for it. But when did disagreement with the government's policies become a crime? If someone is making backpack bombs AND talking against America, yep, make that call. But this is "statements against the gov't". I make them every day. I don't need an analyst to tell me what I need---I need a better bunch running the gov't. I will do what I can to take the rotten apples out--at the ballot box. If Sheriff Ric means anti-American speech--well, he's gonna need an army of "service" people to handle all those high school and college anti-American lefties, starting with the professors.