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You don't understand Brenda. Your insult is telling of who you are.
Exactly right. Most of the Repubs have made a lifetime gravy train of staying in office. They come out very rich men. Whatever happened to public service?
Absolutely right. What a red herring this Romney nonsense is. For crying out loud, he's the Romneycare guy. Yeah, he's just what we need. Ridiculous.
It doesn't work that way. That's what has been going on for years. Once they're in, it's a steeper climb to get them out. With the Senate, you're talking about 6 more years. This country doesn't have the luxury of 6 more years. Take a look around you.
Exactly right. I'm sick of this claptrap of the RINO party.
Well I'm one that will not vote for another RINO. I'll vote for the Conservative. You can say it's a wasted vote, but my last two were wasted and I held my nose and voted for the RINOs. NO MORE. If you think it's okay that Cochran won and McDaniel was cheated and demonized by the establishment Repubs, it is you sir that is the quitter and throwing in with the scoundrels. Tell me this, what good does it do to re-elect Republicans? We get the same result. There is no daylight between Repubs and Dems with very few exceptions. We either get our candidates through the primary races, or we're really done for. Now that the RINOs have taken on the Dems slimy tactics against their own, what is it you see that makes this picture so rosy? If we cannot take our once great Repub Party back, it's over. There's just no time left to recover our nation. Obama has done what he said he would do -- transform this nation. Say hello to a Democrat President in '16 and the same wild spending, submissive Republican Congress too. It really is game over folks.
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