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Obama's Imperiousness Doesn't Have a Permanent Shelf Life

Just an old soldier... Wrote: Feb 08, 2013 8:03 AM
You say Limabaugh needs to process the fact that 0bama won and to get on with his life. All who love America and it's founding principles are painfully aware that we lost. At some point adults will have to take charge of this nation and restore rational policies. We all hoped that would be occurring now, obviously we will have to wait until the next election cycle. DagNabbit, you offer little hope for our nation. You are clearly not too bright and enjoy coming to a conservative site to foolishly gloat. You and your kind are why our nation is in a crisis right now.

President Obama and his liberal cohorts are noticeably puffed up after his re-election and are making their move on a wide array of fronts. The liberals' voracious appetite is incapable of satiety.

Obama's cockiness was on full display during the fiscal cliff negotiations, during which he treated Republicans, the only ones remotely serious about addressing our deficits and debt, as annoying stepchildren he has to endure as a nuisance. Actually listening to their ideas is not on his playlist.

We've also seen Obama's cockiness in his behaving as though he is above the law and doesn't have to answer to Congress,...