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A slippery slope from idiot junior soldiers pranking prisoners at Abu Ghraib to Auschwitz? Roughing up a suspect? Capturing an enemy combatant is NOT the same as arresting a criminal in Chicago. Get a grip
When is this LYING clown going to really retire? Thank God he is out of politics.
Hahaha! You lost me at "every REAL scientist"
She's right. The reset worked, Russia now feels free to do whatever it wants. Putin knows that between a nancy like Obama and idiots like Hillary and Kerry, he's got a free pass. Thus Hillary presided over a reset that changed Russia from cautious to belligerent.
Everyone in the Obama administration is corrupt, from top to bottom. I don't think there is a single person in authority that puts love of America ahead of the Democrat Party and the Obama administration. Sad times for our country.
This dude is crazy. Thank God he is out of if he would just go away.
Screw you Schadenfreude. You are a coward. I swore an oath to defend the Constitution against ALL enemies. It is not to the point of armed revolution yet. We have the next couple of election cycles to see what America does. Your plan to save your own skin is pathetic.
I agree with you Dick5450. Can't do much until the Senate is back in Republican hands. It is tough having to watch the left / Dems systematically destroying this country. Hopefully all those idiots that voted these dirtbags in have learned a lesson.
The other point being no party affiliation required to vote in many of the early primaries. This directly led to McCain being nominated.
Interesting. All I can say is, thank God this guy is out of politics.
What did Mitt Romney have to do with this?
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