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At least the Republicans are doing what they said they would do. They aren't throwing their hands up and saying it can't be done so we won't even try. A lot of people have been worried that this would be the Republicans response. I am happy to see them keeping their word.
Great work Republicans! Thanks to John Boehner for keeping a commitment to America.
That's kind of funny. Because that's exactly what Putin is doing too.
Really? So you think we should complete the Banana Republic clown show and have a military coup? Then we could have our own Generalissimo...
I'm all for the Obama type of bi-partisanship. Basically if Democrats want to participate in common sense Conservative governing, great. If not, we'll continue to illustrate the destruction the left has done to this country and get rid of the liberals in the parts of the country that aren't corrupted by the left.
I think it was some Vegas mobsters.
Nah. He looks like a dope smoking, anti-American, communist hippie reject from the 60's.
Great column. This should get both the pro-gay and the anti-Christian crowd fired up.
You've have not been paying attention SVARA. Your issue of people doing it the right way is exactly what Conservatives have been talking about. This repeated amnesty for illegal immigration only encourages more lawlessness and spits in the face of the good people that are working hard to immigrate into this great nation the right way.
Lighten up Francis.
Sorry John, you lost me at, "Since 2011, the United States has followed what Krugman correctly calls a policy of “austerity.” The last thing on earth that America has done in the Obama era is austerity. An insane spending spree with trillion dollar defecits and printing money is exactly the opposite of austerity.
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