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Here is a link showing this drunken, leftist District Attorney getting arrested. Any self-respecting DA would resign after such a shameful incident. But, Democrats have no shame.
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Finding Ferguson

Just an old soldier... Wrote: Aug 17, 2014 7:45 AM
Nicely done Paul Jacob. You bought into the mainstream media version of the story in Ferguson, MO. The so-called militarized police force kept the rioters and looters at bay, that is when they finally showed up. The kinder, gentler Ron Johnson took the "militarized police" off the street and handed out hugs. His repayment...more rioting and looting. The store owners were left to defend themselves from these savages. Why is it the black community is fine with thuggery, gang violence and nonstop murders in their community, but if a cop kills a black man look out. There was over 100 Police Officers killed in the line of duty last year. Everyone, Paul Jacob included, instantly assumes the Police overreacted. I guarantee you this cop was not driving around that day looking for a black man to kill. The 6'5" 300 lbs "teenager" did something to cause the officer to react this way.
Thanks for all the great links that show the true nature of "Big Mike".
I find it fascinating that these black neighborhoods don't get at all upset by the thuggery, gang violence and nonstop murders in their neighborhoods. But, boy oh boy, if a cop kills a black man...look out!
Very well said. I think you are right on the money.
The Taliban's best opportunity comes when the American forces are pulled out, not before. They operate with impunity in the areas where there is no presence already.
Hahaha! That's hilarious. Moron reporters legitimizing Al Qaeda by saying ISIS is "too extreme" for them. AQ doesn't like them because ISIS is taking their money, recruits and power nothing else.
It is a major issue. The destruction of traditional values will have as much of an impact on America's future as the illegal immigrant situation or the explosion of radical Islam.
Or something like we see in Somalia...or even Mexico. Government by gangster. Pretty scary.
I hope KY is not so foolish as to elect a Democrat. Coal is a major product of the Bluegrass state, something the Dems clearly hate.
Obama makes Nixon look like an amateur. He is doing what Nixon could only dream of. The enablers in Congress (Democrats) and the media completely back whatever this wannabe tyrant does. They have no love of country and not a shred of decency. That is the difference. Republicans supported what the left did to Nixon and ended the Nixon Presidency. Today, the left circles the wagons for Obama and shrilly accuses anyone who questions him of being a racist...or a climate denier...or of hating the poor.
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