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Copyright laws and tax laws are apples and oranges. Copyrights protect intellectual property. Taxes are simply the political class taking money that isn't theirs to fund projects that they approve of. Obviously the left disapproves of smoking cigarettes and feels free to tax it wantonly in NYC. Garner broke the law, but it's a stupid law. When the government makes stupid laws, they will be violated. Calling Garner a lifelong criminal because he sold "untaxed" cigarettes is ludicrous.
I don't know why Chapman the Chicago liberal gets a column on Townhall. He more often than not espouses the typical leftist or elitist opinions. He seems giddy about the fact that the Chicago murder rate is the lowest since 1965, still 415 homicides in 2013. Not exactly what I would call a safe environment. He says there is an epidemic of police shooting blacks. That is a leftist fantasy. More whites (326) than blacks (123) were killed by the police in 2012, even though they commit 49% of the murders and 54% of the robberies in this country. He attempts to make the case that it's somehow the white communities fault that the black community is in the situation it is. I guess the left can bear that one. They are the ones that kowtow to the teacher's union and thwart any attempt to hold teachers accountable. They are the one's that stop inner city voucher programs and force black kids into horrible schools. The Black community itself should bear most of the responsibility, until they celebrate scholastic achievement in school instead of bullying the kid for acting "white", until they aspire to be something more than saggy pant thugs, there isn't much hope.
I think the actual point that Hunter was making was that the leftist government of NYC had created the environment where Garner found it lucrative to break the law by selling cigarettes. The ridiculous tax levels of Bloomberg / DeBlasio have a pack of cigarettes selling for around $15 a pack, thus creating a black market for smokes. In a fair, free-market and rational society there would be no reason for Garner to be breaking the law that way because cigarettes would be much cheaper. Government created the situation and now wants to blame the NYPD for a death that the mayor and city council precipitated. By the way, this guys poor health killed him, not the choke hold. He wasn't healthy enough to engage in a confrontation with the cops.
I expect nothing less from the party of Death. 55 million abortions and counting since Roe v. Wade. It only makes since that they would turn to the other helpless class. I'm also certain that "important" people like himself and Obama are exempted.
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Attack Of The Mutants

Just an old soldier... Wrote: Nov 30, 2014 12:14 PM
Great column and dead on the money. These leftist scumbags will never let facts get in the way of their agenda.
Nice. Pube? Really? I guess you want us to come to the same level of maturity and awareness that you display.
The US has poured money into Latin American countries. Our southern neighbors unfortunately have a heritage of corrupt government that doesn't look to be subsiding any time soon. Giving money to these corrupt regimes is like throwing money away. The only people it helps are the pols and their cronies. I find it hilarious that Mexicans look at the US southwest and try to make the idiotic claim that it should be part of Mexico. Mexico is a wreck, the US isn't quite there yet, but give the left a few more years, they are working hard to destroy America. The only reason the Mexicans want to claim the US southwest is because it has been run by Americans and is successful and prosperous...unlike Mexico.
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For What It's Worth

Just an old soldier... Wrote: Nov 24, 2014 12:01 PM
Galen, you are as bad as the Dems, you build a strawman out of something no one has proposed to try and show that conservatives who desire border security are stupid and unreasonable. I have NEVER heard anyone, much less a conservative, propose that every inch of the US coastline and the Canadian border needed to be secured. Reasonable people understand that it is our porous southern border that needs to be secured. Regardless of Galen and Obama's love of amnesty, the correct order to proceed is border security first (southern border) followed by immigration reform once the security issues are resolved... in reality not by empty political rhetoric. The illegals have "lived in the shadows" this long, they can make it another couple of years until the border is secured.
I like your plan of driving the RINO's out to form their own party. I usually see Conservatives advocating abandoning the Republicans and starting a third party. That is the recipe for political oblivion. Let the RINO's take that path, we are right and they are wrong.
I agree. She is obviously illustrating the stupidity of the left.
Where did Astrid Silva the poor, oppressed illegal immigrant who has been living in the shadows all these years come up with the dough to pay for 3 different degrees?
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