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Right. It's kind of like the Nobel Peace Prize or the Pulitzer. All, at least at this point, are by leftists for leftists.
That guy was no Christian. He was psychologically abused from a young age and and had a long history of mental issues. He did hate Muslims and blamed (correctly) the leftists in power for the immigration issues. His solution (completely evil) was to eliminate the next generation of leftists by killing their children at an elite camp. Christianity had nothing to do with it.
Great column Kurt! I love the description of a Democratic voter as a "welfare guzzling mouth breathers". That about sums up the problem in the country.
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In Praise of Mediocrity

Just an old soldier... Wrote: Feb 15, 2015 6:53 AM
Sorry Chapman. Your entire premise is both stupid and wrong. Brian Williams was not striving for excellence, he was lying. Barry Bonds and Mark McGwire weren't satisfied with personal excellence so they cheated to get more. Again, nothing to do with the wonders of mediocrity. Mediocrity is what you get when you don't care and you don't try. Personal excellence, doing the best you can do, is a good thing, it's what made this country great. That and the liberty to attempt personal excellence, which leftists of all types erode daily. Why does the left champion mediocrity and mock excellence?
Well said. I completely agree with you. I think they are really mad that his leftist indoctrination at the institution more popularly referred to as college, was not completed
Hey Barone, what does Bush have to do with the moronic policies Obama is establishing with Iran. Obama is screwing this up all on his own. Iraq was well on it's way to becoming a stable and useful ally in a strategic area of the Middle East. Then came the annointed one who knew better and threw Iraq under the bus and spit on the blood and sacrifice of America's soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines by completely withdrawing American forces from Iraq. Thus creating the vacuum that let ISIS into the region.
Is that you Jimmy Carter?
Exactly right Mad Max! They are all symptoms of the same disease...liberalism.
I think this movie is about to lay an egg. It will probably have a good first weekend because of the knuckleheads who thought the book was so amazing. Then it will sink into oblivion because it is a stupid concept with no actual story.
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Substituted Morality

Just an old soldier... Wrote: Feb 13, 2015 8:44 AM
Sure XJ, the liberal machine doesn't spend any time at all trying to recruit gay converts. The non-stop portrayal of homosexuality on TV and the movies is just a coincidence. No agenda there. Making the gay person the smartest, coolest one is not in any way intended to influence young impressionable minds. Suing and driving out of business anyone who doesn't bow down to the Gaystapo agenda is simply an extension of your "live and let live" philosophy. Sorry XJ, your sides philosophy is in reality "do what your told and you'll be fine"
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