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Great column. This should get both the pro-gay and the anti-Christian crowd fired up.
You've have not been paying attention SVARA. Your issue of people doing it the right way is exactly what Conservatives have been talking about. This repeated amnesty for illegal immigration only encourages more lawlessness and spits in the face of the good people that are working hard to immigrate into this great nation the right way.
Lighten up Francis.
Sorry John, you lost me at, "Since 2011, the United States has followed what Krugman correctly calls a policy of “austerity.” The last thing on earth that America has done in the Obama era is austerity. An insane spending spree with trillion dollar defecits and printing money is exactly the opposite of austerity.
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Merchants of Smear

Just an old soldier... Wrote: Jan 17, 2015 9:51 AM
It's not science, it's religion. The left clearly has no use for facts in almost any area of their agenda. They are religious in their zeal to further their agenda and anyone who opposes that agenda is derided as evil.
Interesting that Greenberg states that one of the reasons he considers Lee a man of the past is because he issued Order No. 73 which forbade the looting of the enemy, thus implying that the Union tactics of pillaging the rear areas was modern warfare. I think he has this exactly backwords. Armies from time immemorial have allowed looting, pillaging and much worse as the so-called "spoils of war". I'm sure he understands the extraordinary lengths the US military goes to that ensure the safety and protection of the civilian populace in the areas they operate. I know he isn't calling American soldiers terrorists when he says we look into the eyes of the terrorist and see our own reflection.
I'm not sure how you equate the Bush administration with the Obama administration but Bush was unequivocal about the fight against Islamic extremists. They definitely weren't mealy mouthed apologists like Josh Earnest, Gibbs and Carney.
Right. Other awardees include Al Gore(2007), Barack Obama(2008) and Jimmy Carter (2002). PLO Terrorist Yasser Arafat (Peace Prize,1994) kind of takes the cake though. Clearly an award for leftists by leftists.
Nice column. How completely liberal of you to include "White Christians" in your religious extremists piece.
A 2013 Pew Research survey found, "Half or more of Muslims in most countries surveyed say that suicide bombing and other acts of violence that target civilians can never be justified in the name of Islam" Hey Steve, you know what your survey is? Propaganda, pure BS. Saudi Arabia, birthplace of Islam, won't even allow Westerners / Infidels into the country, other than slave labor of course. This enlightened Muslim country just began carrying out the sentence of 50 lashes every 7 days for the next 19 weeks on a pro-Western blogger. Of course he'll be dead long before the sentence is fulfilled. So peddle your pro-Islam nonsense somewhere else.
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