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Huh? This has what to do with the article on what a tool YOUR messiah Obama is? Moron.
Well done!
Dude. This isn't April Fools Day, although that moniker may suit you 365 days a year.
I like Kudlow's outlook. Yours is negative and hopeless. Your assessment of the the Republicans as a branch of the Democrat party is ludicrous.
You bet. A Christian urinates on the Ten Commandments and then gets in his car and destroys it. You're not too bright are you Danny
What kind of soul is so filled with hate and rage that you would corrupt a little girl and twist sweet fairy tale childhood stories with vulgarity and hooker makeup to shill feminist BS.
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The Audacity of Greg Orman

Just an old soldier... Wrote: Oct 21, 2014 9:08 AM
Right. It's so obvious. Democrats run as conservatives and govern as liberals. They know that once they are safely in Washington their hard working constituents rarely pay attention to what the liar they elected is up to. I will say that Orman has kicked it up a notch by saying he's "independent".
Mr. Barone says the Democrats are made up of a coalition of "out groups". I guess he means victims? He thinks the Hispanic group may be noticing the Democrats don't do anything to help them and lots to harm them. That's nice...and about time. I can think of another victim group, I mean out group that should notice the Dems hurt them far more than help. They vote as a block, 95% for Democrats, yet they are the ones most hurt by Democrat policies. Any hope they'll wake up?
I totally agree with you Rich. This clearly shows what happens when you appoint an ideologue to head an agency instead of an expert. But, that pretty much sums up the Obama administration.
Wow! I guess in the heart of every "tolerant" liberal is a tyrant yearning to be free. So much for the 1st Amendment.
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