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Byron York says Michelle Nunn will face a wrenching conflict if elected. Her money comes from leftist special interest groups opposed to the pipeline while her state wants it. There is no conflict. It's politics as usual, they run as conservatives and govern as liberals. The media covers for them and most hard working Americans are too busy to notice they elected a liar.
I think he's done a lot more for the "cause" than you have, sum guy.
I guess D'Souza is about to become a political prisoner. I cannot believe how quickly our nation has fallen so far. An utterly corrupt DOJ is covered up by the equally corrupt mainstream media. On a different note, on the Five yesterday, Bob Beckel defended the Obama administration by asking how many in the administration had been indicted, implying that it somehow showed the administration to be straight shooters. No one called him on it. With Holder in charge of Justice in America, of course there are no indictments. Sad days for the USA.
You're right of course. Everyone knows who you're talking about when you say liberal though.
Did you miss the part about the terrorists crossing the southern border? Maybe you should throw up some Homeland Security and State Department quotes about that. They are also saying there is nothing to worry about and they are in complete control. They say the border is more secure now than it has been in decades. Schlichter is merely pointing out what is a future possibility to occur if we don't get a hold of it. I for one think he is right on the money. Thanks for your "reassuring" facts though.
Hell no! It's a horrible idea. There is no such thing as a "moderate" Islamic fighter.
Liberalism would be a funny joke if there weren't so many brain dead morons that follow it. Don't forget that NJ is the state that gave Ray Rice a pass on the brutal assault on his girlfriend and is prosecuting to the full extent of the law the single mom who got a legal concealed carry permit in PA but foolishly works in the Peoples Republic of NJ. Shaneen Allen is getting a full taste of what NJ thinks crime really is. Assaulting a woman, no big deal. But don't you dare carry a gun, even if its just a toy.
Unfortunately I believe Kurt is right on the money with this prognostication. The left refuses to secure the border without an amnesty bill. I heard Jeh Johnson (Homeland Security) say when asked whether or not terrorists had gotten into the country via the southern border. He lied and said they had a good handle on who was coming across. Then he inadvertently told the truth. He said we need to pass an amnesty bill (immigration reform) so it could encourage illegals to come forward and then we would know who is here. Scary stuff. Absolutely unconscionable that the Democrats put their party and politics ahead of the safety and security of America.
Yep. Reagan was a great man and President. He won't be duplicated. He was the rare individual who could rise above the main stream media and connect with America. The MSM loathed him, so did the establishment Republicans for that matter.
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