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Once again, a tragedy could have been averted with some armed individuals who immediately respond. When seconds count the police are minutes away...
You need to look harder then. There is a huge difference between Democrats and Republicans. It matters who is in charge. We can't take the White House, but we can take both Houses of Congress and put the brakes on the crazy train Obama and the left have put us on.
Excellent points. Perfection is the enemy of good enough. Nothing good comes from driving out the slightly imperfect in a primary and then losing the election. The momentary thrill of getting rid of a RINO will lose it's luster if a Dem gets elected and we don't take the Senate
I guess the assumption is they will vote with the rest of the Republicans rather than kneel to Obama.
Yep. Those non-theists like Stalin, Lenin and Mao sure made the 20th century a time of sweet peace and enlightenment. Look at the pure evil perpetrated by people like Mother Theresa, it sure will be great to put an end to that!
There is nothing uglier than a picture of hate filled hags who want their "right" to kill babies unencumbered by rational thought.
What law is wrong? The law that says a baby living outside the womb is a human being, with all rights and privileges associated with being a human?
Democrat, the party that kills.
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Behind the Russian Rage

Just an old soldier... Wrote: Mar 28, 2014 11:56 AM
Matthew, Sorry about the "scolding". I simply disagree that there was anything peaceful about the secession. I don't think my answers were contradictory at all. Simply because Lincoln was willing to allow the South to continue slavery in order to maintain the Union doesn't change the fact that the South started the war because they were protecting their states rights, and the right they were protecting was slavery. If you would like to read something, I would recommend the autobiography of Fredrick Douglass. "The Narrative of the Life of Fredrick Douglas", it is available for free on e-readers.
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