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Mr. Barone says the Democrats are made up of a coalition of "out groups". I guess he means victims? He thinks the Hispanic group may be noticing the Democrats don't do anything to help them and lots to harm them. That's nice...and about time. I can think of another victim group, I mean out group that should notice the Dems hurt them far more than help. They vote as a block, 95% for Democrats, yet they are the ones most hurt by Democrat policies. Any hope they'll wake up?
I totally agree with you Rich. This clearly shows what happens when you appoint an ideologue to head an agency instead of an expert. But, that pretty much sums up the Obama administration.
Wow! I guess in the heart of every "tolerant" liberal is a tyrant yearning to be free. So much for the 1st Amendment.
Haha! Good post.
Right on! Bloody revolution with no guarantee of outcome is a much better solution.
There's not enough yet. The Thad Cochran debacle in MS is infuriating, yet even he had to pretend to be a conservative / smaller government believer. The Establishment spent tons of money this cycle to try and eradicate the conservative opposition, successfully in many cases, but not all. These dudes are OLD...we are fired up and won't go away. Our best bet is turning the GOP back to the Reagan era type of Republican Party. The Establishment hated Reagan as much as it hates the Tea Party. We can win this with perseverance and commitment. Step 1 is winning back the Senate.
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Answering Ted Olson

Just an old soldier... Wrote: Oct 14, 2014 9:21 AM
Really? What evidence? The evidence being beamed in under your tinfoil hat?
Well said. People like Richard don't want facts to get in the way of their "reality". The truth is, unless we get Harry Reid out of the driver's seat in the Senate, America may reach the point of no return in the next two years.
Sure Steve. We believe every word coming out of your lying mouth.
I would also add that NOT voting because you're angry that the Conservative or Tea Party guy lost the primary is the equivalent to endorsing the left. It is critical that we get Harry Reid out of the driver's seat in the Senate. RINO's will vote with their party the majority of the time. They aren't desirable, but they are better than the alternative, continued control of the Senate by the Left. We need to win this election and continue to reinvigorate the GOP with Conservative small government ideas. We are winning that fight.
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