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Barack Hussein Gosnell

Just an old soldier... Wrote: Apr 28, 2013 6:48 AM
How do you figure that? Gosnell operated a legally sanctioned clinic. I guess what you really mean is...People who abandon moral law create a market for the Gosnells of the world. You seem to be an irrational, kool-aid drinking fool who has difficulty thinking clearly or independently.

President Obama continues to break barriers in his historical Presidency.

Some of them infamous barriers, but he breaks them nonetheless.

This past Friday was just such an occasion. Because, to my knowledge, for the first time, a sitting President brought the full weight of the office he holds face to face in support of an organization that killed 339,000 American children, the last year we have records for.

Not only that President Obama beamed proudly, as he congratulated the "good work" this organization has done (while killing 339,000 children a year), and pledged continued support from you and me--the American tax-payer--to...