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This ticks me off so much! I know a family that is trying to come here legally. They are smart, hard-working people that would love to stay here legally, but they are made to jump through all kinds of hoops including spending thousands of dollars to go back home every so many weeks. They are the people that we need to put at the front of the line, not these guaranteed, low-info (hah!) dem voters.
There have been hundreds of bills from the House that address everything you list. Reid has single-handedly refused to bring them to the floor of the Senate. Republicans have been doing the right thing since they took the House. Obama and his lackies have been the ones that refuse to allow congress to work,to make it "necessary" for the clown emperor to act. Try to educate yourself instead of repeating the Dems talking points.
One picture that is worth more than a thousand words.
Your answer gives a very good example of the absence of common sense with this generation. Any fever, no matter how slight, when you are being "monitored" for exposure to Ebola is a huge red flag. She should have known better than to fly without ever having to contact the marvelously inept and in this case, criminally negligent CDC.
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Pharisees and Pharaohs

just_the_facts_maam Wrote: Sep 05, 2014 9:05 AM
Have you been living under a rock for the last 40 years? We have tried very hard to coexist with Muslims. They have to want to coexist with us for it to work, and it is very obvious that they don't. The only coexisting they will accept is if everyone becomes a muslim. What kind of fool are you?
It's hard to weaken when you are already a doormat. This child in adult clothing is sooooo embarrassing and already responsible for bringing about the most combustible mid-east situation in my lifetime.
Blacks show the world once again that they cannot think for themselves or reason through a situation. They deserve whatever racism they encounter now - they have earned it.
They looked like racist the first night they took to the streets. Black racism far outstrips white racism in America.
I think most liberals are quite aware of what they are doing. While your observations about the failure of their ideology are true, you give them too little credit for their single-minded assault on America by creating a permanent underclass that they can use.
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