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Back in the late 80' & early 90's I was selling real estate in a dismal market. I came to appreciate that there had to be a first time buyer in the game in order for the rest of the market to move up. In todays economy, there has to be a sufficient amount of workers getting decent paychecks for substanitive work that benefits everyone around them in order for the economy to rebound. The problem is that there is too little work for far too many people. The economy we left behind was based on a false premise. That being that with easy credit everyone would benefit from everybody spending 10 to 20% more than they were making. That kind of economy is not coming back no matter how much money they print.
we are doomed to allowing them to subvert the minds of our children. Thus weakening the moral fiber and strength of our once great nation. IMHO, that is where the real war is in this country. Where are the conservative teachers/professors?
Rape/Abortion: I hadn't thought about it like MA presents it here in his article. Thanks for clearing that murky thinking up for me. However, in a society that is all too happy to let the government take care of the family members they don't want to be responsible for; either through S.S. / medicare etc...I don't expect any serious thought to be given to such matters anytime soon by the vast majority of people in our country. The problem is that moral relativism is taught in our public schools by teachers steeped in that very idelogy from the universities they have been indoctrinated by. Unto we wrest control of the ciruculum back from tenured leftist professors and teachers and their union supporters, .....
"Maybe Democrats have some slick salesmen, like Bill Clinton and our current president, who can sell you swampland and have you convinced that you’ve bought choice beachfront property." A very apt description of those two! Alas, I am not sure that there remain enough citizens of strong backbone and moral heft that can carry R/R across the victory line in Nov. R/R really need to make the case not only of Obama's failed administration but also show how they would turn things around.
Well, naturally you have to play both sides of the street (American & Muslim) if your chief aim is to be in position to be ruler of the world when a one world government comes to pass. These people and elitist scum like them, make me sick.
@glenboe You are 100% right about that. I would bet dollars to donuts that they won't vote for him in Nov. and that they will quietly put out the word to their supporters to do the same. All this rah-rah for Obama has only one intention and that is to keep the black vote loyal to them, so they can be useful tools for Hillary's next presidential run. They are not stupid. They know if Obama wins reelection, the country will have serious Dem fatigue in 2016. And that would likely be her last serious chance at being the first woman president. They'll throw O overboard betting that Romney can't turn things around and they believe they will be there to pick up the pieces in the next election.
We have met the enemy and ......... it is US! Who would have thunk it? Many responders to Mr. Shedlock's column have many good answers BUT getting politicians and businesses to enact anything that is even nominally against their own interests and that of their stakeholders is D.O.A. Then you have to go to the root of the problem which is the indoctrination that goes on our schools that turns out mini socialists by and large. Cradle to grave nanny govt. is what most people want nowadays.
@McMichael I couldn't have said it better myself. The pseudo intellectuals took over the real power in America and that is located in the classroom. Indoctrinate enough children with what you want them to believe and you have the society that you have always dreamed of.
Saw the movie a couple of weeks ago. There were no bombshells for me in it. I already knew most all of the film's content through other sources. Albeit, my sources were conservative talk radio, newspapers, etc. Not the lamestream media whom have let down this country in an unconscionable fashion. Obama is a cipher/manchurian candidate and the most non-transparent politician ever despite his claims of wanting to have a transparent administration.
This is similar to Mr. Root's opinion piece of the other day on why a second even worse depression is waiting in the wings for the U.S. IMHO, the problem lies not with just the left but also with the RINO's in office. It seems that none of these people want to make the difficult decisions that need to be made. I will vote for Romney as the alternative is totally abhorent. But, make no mistake we will have to keep an eye on Romney and the rest of the RINO beltway establishment to ensure that they man up and do what is needed to bring this great country back from the brink of disaster.
As this campaign evolves and R/R sharpen their attacks on the actual record of O/B. I believe it will be clear to voters who has a serious plan for getting the country back on track. It's the economy, not Akin's ONE (1) stupid remark that will resonate with voters in the end. O/B will do their best (with the lap dog lamestream media's help) to continue to distract voters from their record while talking about "nothing" hoping to squeak by with a win in Nov.
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