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Can Government Do Anything Well?

Just_aJoe Wrote: Apr 12, 2012 8:55 AM
and just what does voting do? There's not a dimes worth of difference between the R and D parties. Now that liberal Mitt, ghost of McCain is the likely candidate, the focus on the White House should end and real CONSERVATIVES should work to elect other REAL conservatives to Congress. Take the Senate and strengthen the House. That would be a lot better than voting for RINO's

I'm suspicious of superstitions, like astrology or the belief that "green jobs will fix the environment and the economy." I understand the appeal of such beliefs. People crave simple answers and want to believe that some higher power determines our fates.

The most socially destructive superstition of all is the intuitively appealing belief that problems are best solved by government.

Opinion polls suggest that Americans are dissatisfied with government. Yet whenever another crisis hits, the natural human instinct is to say, "Why doesn't the government do something?"

And politicians appear to be problem-solvers. We believe them when they say, "Yes, we...