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Almost all terrorists are Muslim however all Muslims are not terrorists. The trick is to figure out the difference. Remember we rounded up all Japanese during WW-2, took all their possessions and put them in internment camps. Shameful for a country that claims to be the "good guys" Do we really want to make that same mistake again?
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Washington Power Is Flowing Away

Just_aJoe Wrote: Dec 26, 2014 12:42 PM
Disagree. About the time when the Great Society was gaining support and the government wanted to also fund various southeast Asia adventures, they needed more money and opened the vault to the SS fund. Both the liberals and conservatives supported the theft of the MONEY in the account being replaced with Gov't. bonds. BOTH groups justified the theft with the claim that "we owe it to ourselves." It's NOT like general taxes but SS funding is separated into individual accounts. It's not the same as welfare.
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The College Rape Club

Just_aJoe Wrote: Dec 11, 2014 5:22 PM
This is a typical response from liberals. They use the outlier like your wife to justify the bad behavior of others. There's no comparison by any stretch of thought. Your wife was brutally attacked while Jackie from the column was not? What part of this don't you understand? Are you suggesting that because your wife was raped that all accusations of rape are therefore legitimate? If so, there are hundreds of men that would like to disagree with you including certain LaCrosse players from Duke University.
Like being on the plantation much Lepanto? The Republican Elite treat conservatives like the Democrats treat blacks. They know we have no where else to go and argue we're better than the other side. So how do so many people like being on the elitist Republican plantation?
Uh, that's how the political system works now. The Republican elitists manipulate the country to get their man/woman on the ballot. So why is it the fault of the public when they're given the choice of an Democrat or a Democrat-lite (AKA Republican) The Republican Elite treat conservatives like the Democrats treat blacks. They know we have no where else to go and argue we're better than the other side. So how do so many people like being on the elitist Republican plantation?
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Meet the Snobocrats

Just_aJoe Wrote: Dec 02, 2014 1:56 PM
Authorization requirements are due to providers over prescribing certain procedures to the patients detriment. Most authorizations are now required to limit the most egregious abuses of the medical system. Doctors who want to do more invasive surgery instead of considering other options, a default diagnosis process that demands MRI's etc. The problem is that the medical providers have done a terrible job of monitoring themselves and have allowed abusers into their ranks. Believe it or not, there are some large provider groups and hospitals that are NOT required to get authorizations and their claims almost always go through with few problems.
The State department is actually a bigger part of the problem than the president. The bureaucracy has been running amok for decades regardless of who's in office. The key to fixing it is twofold. 1. The United States needs to mind it's own business in the world. We're NOT the worlds policemen nor do we represent the collective conscience of the planet. 2. De-fund or DRASTICALLY cut the budgets of these rogue agencies. Start with arrogant State department and then visit the DEA budget and war on drugs. Billions of dollars and millions of lives lost only to find CIA involvement in the drug trade. Stop the madness.
Most Republicans are NOT conservatives. There's a difference and until conservatives recognize this fact, RINO's will continue to be elected
Jonathan Chait is not only a bigot but is a good representation of the left. All that matters is if a program or plan FEELS good regardless of if it actually helps anyone. When a conservative demands accountability, they're somehow branded not only evil but unfeeling, uncaring and every other nasty emotion the left can throw at them just for asking about the results.
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Your 'To Do' List to Save America

Just_aJoe Wrote: Sep 18, 2014 9:05 PM
The article clearly outlines the strategy of the republicans. We need to vote for them because they're not as bad as the democrats. The republicans own part of the reason why Congress has a 13% approval rating. They're also part of the problem driving the loss of personal liberty, the NSA etc. They're don't care and most are little more than democrat lite. They treat conservatives like the democrats treat black people using scare tactics. Political elites know what's best for us and we should just do as we're told. Got it Ann.
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