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Who Will Keep Our Freedoms Safe?

juroo Wrote: Jan 22, 2015 8:55 AM
Yes, Fox owned up to this. It was a matter of semantics. If I were French, I would be more insulted by the "song". Maybe they should label those neighborhoods as "No French Zones".
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Attack of the Open-Borders Mau-Mau-ers

juroo Wrote: Jan 16, 2015 12:55 PM
Besides not giving these illegals licenses, make them renew it every three months. If they are stopped for a traffic violation and the license has expired send them home to below the border.
Or play recording of the Gregorian Chant done by Monks. Gee is the place they will allow the call in a free speech zone. They are about 5'x5'.
This Pope should be limited when it comes to free speech. Leave the rest of us alone to speak our mind.
He has no idea how to run a business and he knows it. But because he says so it must be true. And the great unwashed believes him.
He seems to be able to fly to a golf course anywhere around the world and think nothing of it. He was home in our WH watching football. He could have watched a taped recording on Air Force 1. Your next excuse will be he was trying to save the taxpayers money by not going.
The conservatives did not bungle the vote, they got more this time around and now Boehner is starting to think differently. I say that is a win....maybe small...but a win. Now to see if we can trust Boehner to follow up on his statements. I doubt it.
Scalise spoke at another venue so that means that he spoke to a White Nationalist group? So if I had attended a meeting or a baby shower in the same building I would have been labeled by the left as a White Nationalist. This is just plain stupid and he never should have apologized for something he did not do. And now the dems are calling the Republicans National Socialists. Why do they always label us exactly what they are. The problem is that the useful idiots believe everything the dems tell them.
This is a no brainer. Did they really expect these people to show up for a hearing. The border jumpers broke our laws to begin with and now they think that the illegals are going to 'obey' the hearing law. Wow!
So Huntsman is going to tell Mike Lee where to go and what to do. Get a clue, John, you lost and Lee won. It seems that Huntsman's agenda has been rejected not only by Utah, but the whole country. Go home, John, and stay there.
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