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This professor is a pompous fool. Did he spout off in a "Free Speech Zone". If not he should be fined and sent to the corner with a dunce cap.
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A Blow for Liberty

juroo Wrote: Apr 08, 2014 11:38 AM
I am 70 years old and am wondering if I have ever really lived under a Constitutional Republic. The progressive/Marxists have been trying to kill our freedoms since Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson. FDR succeeded with his New Deal to make us more dependent on Gov. I just get really angry at DC thinking that they know better than I do what is good for me. They preach that America is no better than any other nation, but they think they are better than the people they govern. GRRRR!!!
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Uninstall Firefox

juroo Wrote: Apr 08, 2014 11:11 AM
For now I am back to IE. Took a few tries to transfer my bookmarks, but finally succeeded. I uninstalled Firefox this morning. Feel better now.
At least Ryan has put something out there. It may not be what we would all want, but it is a plan to be looked at. I have not read David Camp's tax reform, the link did not lead to the whole article (WSJ). What is the matter with Reid besides being old and dusty? He is obsessing on the Koch brothers. Why is he not gearing in on big spenders like George Soros, Tom Steyer, Al Gore, Elon Musk, and Carlos Slim? All big time contributors to Dems. Carlos is the one who bailed out that bastion of unbiased reporting....the New York Times. Reid is the definition of a hypocrite. Can you see it in your new dictionary....Hypocrite 1. Harry Reid.
Why is the office of the Surgeon General so 'powerful'!!! This is ridiculous that he should have any power at all. 2016 cannot come fast enough.
They will never impeach O. The Repubs. got burned on the Clinton impeachment. He looks like a piker now. Even if Rep. get the Senate (I hope), the most they will do is stop him from getting his way and probably stop the executive orders or at least be more vocal about them. I am sick of politicians who are afraid of their own shadow. I will however vote for every Rep. candidate who runs in my state this year....even if I have to hold my nose. I know some will think that I am a sell out, but we need the numbers in Congress in order to at least diminish O's power.
I like Coburn, but like most Republicans, he tried to get along in order to get things "done". Maybe O was more amenable when he was a Senator, but Coburn should have just kept his mouth shut about the O now. Maybe it really is time for him to leave.
Kennedy did not fill out his first term and look at his numbers. Carter was a mess and still is.
Maybe he will be number 1 next year. He really got cheated at number 17.
If it was written by states for the states why is the Federal Gov. bribing those states to use CC with huge amounts of money? Also it is being backed by Bill and Melinda Gates. Bill need automatons to work at Microsoft. I have been to several meeting on CC both for and against. If there are meetings in your area I suggest you go to them and then decide for yourself . Right now the states are running it, but since it is backed by the Fed, there is a slippery slope right to the Department of Ed. making it a mandate. I agree do you research if you are interested in how our kids are being taught. Search CC good and bad. I also went to the Dept. of Ed site and read their reasons for it. Right now I am against it and so are a lot of people including teachers.
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