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I guess because George Bush was not a foreigner, it was OK to make a movie about assassinating as sitting American President. PC is killing this country.
Notice that this has happened right after Feinstein released her report on "torture" by the CIA. There is a murder and hostage taking place in PA right now. (May not be related). Are we going to see all those peaceful Muslims doing this across the country. Remember they are taught to lie for Allah and believe the lie that they are peaceful.
It seems that Boehner and O are cut from the same progressive cloth. How does the House unseat a seated Speaker? Can they recall him/her? Someone has to start the process, but I bet they are all willing to give both Boehner and McConnell a chance. I think there should be an all out rebellion. Do we have to riot in DC to get them to hear us??
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The Cop-Killing Cult of Larry Davis

juroo Wrote: Dec 12, 2014 9:22 AM
It was the BLM that came at the rancher. They are the Bureau of Land Management, not a police force. They should not be armed, and if they need police assistance, they should call the local sheriff's office. The Militia were peaceful and just stood their ground protecting who they felt was threatened by the government. Ranchers and Farmers are being threatened by government regulation left and right. What they do, feed the rest of us, for a living is being made impossible by this administration and now the Congress.....both sides. It was not racist, and they were not an unruly crowd, it was peaceful resistance....protected under the Constitution as all protests are until they turn violent and promote anarchy.
The news media may not be paying attention to the EPA but we out here in the hinterlands are. If you think that we don't know what is going on you are misinformed. But we are kind of left out of the decisions because the EPA can make any ridiculous regulation without Congressional approval. So where do we go to get it changed if our representatives cannot do anything without the courts and the courts side with the greenies. This leaves our representatives are about as effective as we are. We small potatoes don't have the resources to fight these regulations. I know this sounds like a big whine so what do you suggest we do when no one listens. We have the power of one vote...but even then will it change this rogue administration.
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Bungling Bergdahl

juroo Wrote: Jun 05, 2014 3:44 PM
What did you do with Rich Galen?
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Drawing A Line

juroo Wrote: May 18, 2014 9:37 AM
It is time to get down and get dirty and stop the "rise above" their tactics. It has gotten us no where. Why on earth aren't the Republicans fighting back against Harry Reid and letting loose on Soros, the unions, Hollywood, Buffet, Gates etc.. These people and their organizations have been giving millions to the Democrats and some piddling donations to the Republicans (just in case they do win). Are the Republicans so beholding to those small donations that they refuse to point the hypocrisy out?? It is galling.
Gee, I used to really like Mike Pence. I don't understand how supposedly intelligent people let themselves get indoctrinated into all this nonsense. Where are their heads....no need to answer that one!!
Is he trying to be "cool". Because if he is he needs to be brought up on the red carpet and chastised before the whole school. Shame and guilt works.
Evil preaches tolerance until it is dominate, then seeks to silence the good. Why is it the same people who saw discrimination against minorities seem to practice it against religion. Discrimination is discrimination no matter who is involved.
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