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D's are willing to follow the big money to the gates of hell. ISIS not so much.
There's nothing real or authentic about Obama. He's all about lies and half-truths. He hates America as it's been since its creation. His one true goal is social justice and righting all the wrongs of colonialism, the end of America as we know it. Period. End of story.
John, you are today's winner. Obama couldn't care less about foreign policy. He's here to get social justice, here and abroad (the only time foreign policy crosses his mind).
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Who Wants War?

JungJoe Wrote: Oct 02, 2014 1:50 PM
Obama's only concern is social justice, everything else is just doing what he's got to do to keep certain people off his behind.
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Bomb or Occupy -- or Neither?

JungJoe Wrote: Oct 02, 2014 1:37 PM
"Obama promises". We should believe anything the man says after damned near everything he's claimed the past ten plus years has been pure BS? The man can't tell the truth about anything. There's no authenticity from this cat, period. End of story.
It's good to watch more and more Obama sycophants reduced to bumbling, stumbling and blubbering while trying to stay as far away from the real truth in order to protect the insanity of their allegiance to their master. When will the truth come out? Somebody please jump off the ship and tell the damned truth. They're ruining America. Do a J. Christian Adams for us. The truth will liberate you, the light will cleanse your dark soul, you will be healed. Save yourselves and do a good deed for the good old USofA.
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When Paul Became Muhammad

JungJoe Wrote: Oct 02, 2014 1:11 PM
Sounds like Critical Race Theory in action Mr. Elder. Everything always comes back to race and oppression. When I talk about the old days being so great, for the most part I'm referring to kids growing up in a safe, loving home with two parents home every available hour and the kids feeling loved and nurtured, not just an EBT credit. That's the good old days and, sadly, folks get upset when they hear about the good old days.
There are some sick people running this insane asylum. When will Atlas shrug?
And who would've ever thought Obama might actually be anti-America? Apparently he'll go to any lengths necessary to get back at those damned colonialists. I'm shocked.
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What Will Victory Look Like?

JungJoe Wrote: Oct 02, 2014 12:44 PM
We can't win with the current paradigm. We can't win this war in the Middle East with boots on the ground if we can't kill every living being in the ME without consequence. We can't target bomb and kill innocents, the world won't have it. We can't kill every last Muslim on this Earth, no way no how. We don't know the good guys from the bad, here in the USA or in the ME. How could we possibly fight and win such a war? I say we protect the homeland, but only if we can be as ruthless as necessary in order to get that job done. Unfortunately, too many folks in this country wouldn't allow that to happen either. We are doomed to death by a thousand cuts from within, a jihadist wet dream come true.
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