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Against Obama, But for What?

JungJoe Wrote: Nov 06, 2014 8:25 PM
Wow, just wow, D19. It sure seems, from the tone and gist of your diatribe, that you would be the "holier-than-thou" a-hole you so loudly whine about. Keep working on your game, maybe someday you'll grow a pair and stand for something. The Least you could do to seem middle of the road was to save some of the nastiness for the progressives of the world. If you grow up you might someday at least be a Libertarian. Good luck, young fella.
Wow, just wow. I never heard of a "republican reaction" in Ferguson. You're making stuff up, you race baiting idiot.
The dems did the same to Grimes in Kentucky just before the election. Just gave up, took the money and ran. Their war on women continues, or is it more like their abandonment of women continues. You're on your own honey, how's it feel?
I would tend to believe that having a voting record like Michelle Bachmann might be seen as a positive for anybody running this past election. Someone remind the demented Tom Harkin, please.
Obama knows the way to destroying this country in order to get the "transformation" job done. He will not capitulate to Repubs in any way, shape or form. His battle has just begun, so get ready for some real nastiness from the extreme left (identity politics on steroids). Critical Race Theory, straight from the book folks.
Yessir, they have the right to remain silent until they're off to their country of origin, according to the rule of law (in this country at least).
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The Coming November Wars

JungJoe Wrote: Oct 31, 2014 1:17 PM
Get ready for the dagger to the heart of America, inflicted by an angry man desperate to finish changing this country as he promised. Obama and Holder have nothing to lose and little time to get the job done, so hold on tight. Obamacare kicks in full throttle, Obama still has his pen and his phone and he's seething with rage, driven by his comrades-in-arms on the far left. It's gonna get ugly folks.
Sounds like the lousy amerikan comrade john kerry's disrespecting real heroes again.
Once again, we seem to have a case of style and substance on one side of the aisle and aunt maude on the other side. Is this the best you d's have to offer or is Janet Napolitano the die you prefer to cast from? Nasty, mean and butch.
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JungJoe Wrote: Oct 26, 2014 8:54 PM
CNN is for folks that can't spell F-o-x.
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Things Fall Apart

JungJoe Wrote: Oct 24, 2014 9:37 PM
Political correctness. Welfare and other so called anti-poverty schemes. Value-less dollars. People that hate what made America great, and even some of those folks getting elected to high office. I'm done.
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