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Rumor has it that, although he may never broken an honest sweat in his life, he has, on multiple occasions, gotten his panties in a bunch.
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Chilling Free Speech

JungJoe Wrote: Oct 23, 2014 9:34 AM
This president, in particular, isn't concerned about free speech in general, he's particularly concerned about certain speech by certain types of people. You know---"those people, the bitter clingers, the tea partiers, the muslim haters, the folks that need to die and give up their money and wealth in order for the country to move forward, those damned colonialists." Those folks are a danger to Amerika, turn the IRS, the NSA, the FBI, hell even the CIA loose on then 'Bammy.
It's a sad state of affairs we find ourselves in, America. Can't we just have a mulligan and try to get it right this time? The inmates are running the asylum and and the politicians have the keys. We're on the road to ruin and some folks think that's progress.
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An American Who Vomited Near the Pentagon

JungJoe Wrote: Oct 23, 2014 8:37 AM
We got this ebola thing under control, no reason to panic or even show concern; you can't catch ebola on a bus, our hospitals and emergency personnel are well prepared to deal with this virus that's almost impossible to become infected with. Nothing to worry about here folks. Period. End of story?
What they meant to say is "we ain't votin' fo' no mo' crackers." Republicans can go to hell.
A lesbian busybody wanted to be more like a man but now desires to be a fly on the wall. What's next?
Or, as seems to be the norm in Las Vegas, you hire as many illegal immigrants as necessary to get the work done at a far cheaper rate than either using automation or hiring union labor. Home grown Americans doing physical labor for a non-union boss or company is near non-existent. The unemployment and under employment rates are sky high but the work still gets done and people still go to the grocery store and the banks just like always. We just get more immigration. Go figure.
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A Bowla Ebola Idiocy

JungJoe Wrote: Oct 15, 2014 9:23 PM
She better hope the person(s) handling her food and utensils in the kitchen were properly protected from transmitting any nefarious infections while prepping her to-go. Poor thing can't catch a break.
I think it would be jumping to conclusions to aver that nobody at CDC has been getting any yearly bonuses for their stalwart performance year in and year out. They suffer so needlessly, poor things.
Ed, I must conclude then that Mr. Frieden is totally lacking in either intestinal fortitude or common sense. Which fits the bill? So far I've seen and heard nothing from him that moves me to believe he has Americans' best interest at heart and is concerned solely with toeing a particular political line. I'd say he needs to grow a pair.
Cripples and babies, who wants 'em anyway? They're all a drag on humanity. Selfish elites are much better for us all.
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