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If we had a president and congress, they would tell the UN where they could stuff their interference in America.
Why don't they put the illegals in the FEMA Camps? They are all ready to go and stocked and they even have caskets hidden on the property.
Just kill immigration. We are already over run by illegals. If they want to apply to enter the USA, fine. Get in line and come in legally or stay out. We do not need any more illegals that we have to support and we cannot afford them. Obama is trying to break us make real Americans the minority so they can do what they want and ruin our country. And those children who are coming in illegally need to be deported back to their original countries where their country can support them. Do not allow them to use children to get what they want. And only limited family members should be allowed if they apply for legal immigration. A family is parents and children. Any others can apply on their own.
How can we get away from all of the stupidity from both parties? Aren't there any intelligent beings left on earth?
Obama has done what he wanted. The dumbing down of a whole generation and another one coming up. Most colleges are teaching stupidity and believing dumbness themselves. What a major achievement. He must be so proud.
That is fine with me. Just don't pass amnesty and don't sign anything before you leave. Amnesty will end the USA and you know it. There is no reason for Amnesty and you swore it would not get passed and we believed you. You and Obama can get in a row boat and take a trip around the world.
This is so gross.
If he is going to make accusations, I want to see proof. We should take him to court if he cannot prove what he said, Make him prove it.
Bloomberg is one bumbling mess of hypocrisy. We need our weapons to save us from Obama and it is our right to have them. Why doesn't he spend his money finding cures for diseases and leave us,who love liberty, ALONE. He can go save some other country and good riddence tp him.
Yeah, but she took her payoff and pension and benefits with her. Wish I could have just one of those.
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