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Socialist Activist Encouraged Women to Take Out Loans for Late Term Abortions

June56 Wrote: Dec 19, 2012 10:33 PM
So just more loans for barry boy and his minions to pay off. Just like he doesn't want any of his daughters to be stuck with a kid they don't (which is without a doubt the lowest thing anyone can say let alone a pres) he surely won't let the women that got rid of a pesky baby to be stuck with paying for getting rid of it. And we wonder why this nation is in the mess we are in and sinking deeper everyday.

A socialist activist in Seattle has admitted to asking women to "wait a few weeks" before getting an abortion in order to pay for the proceedure. The worker also admits she encouraged poor women to take out loans and pay for late term abortion services by credit card. Who is waging a war on women again?

A socialist activist has revealed she has encouraged indigent women to have later-term abortions, take out payday loans at more than 300 percent interest, and run up credit card bills they could not hope to repay in order to obtain an...

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