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Future Generations

June56 Wrote: Dec 05, 2012 5:19 PM
We have totally lost this country in more ways then one but of course the most dire and as Williams points it out - the dollar amount is just mind boggling and there is no conceivable way of paying it off. We just threw away what little chance we had of getting the country back on track and really growing the economy and so we can just forget that possibility because with barry there will continue to be more and more people losing their jobs, more and more companies going out of business because that is all a part of his transformation of America.
Is there any reason for today's Americans to care about what happens to tomorrow's Americans? After all, what have tomorrow's Americans done for today's Americans? Moreover, since tomorrow's Americans don't vote, we can dump on them with impunity. That's a vision that describes the actual behavior of today's Americans. It would be seen as selfish, callous and ruthless only if it were actually articulated. Let's look at it.

Businesses, as well as most nonprofit enterprises, by law are required to produce financial statements that include all of their present and expected future liabilities. On top of that, they are...