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And so now 5-4-3-2--1 what happens next? NOTHING! commie will probably promote or give him a big bonus
I agree - please no long dog and pony show just to say no.
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The Clinton/Weiner Comparisons

June56 Wrote: Jul 30, 2013 10:33 AM
figured it was just about time for the loud mouth triple hippo to speak out and just so happy when she uses that pofessional, screaming hifh shril voice of hers. they all deserve each other.
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Obama Realizes People Don't Like Obamacare

June56 Wrote: Jul 29, 2013 12:22 AM
Failure - describes the worthless rat nesting in the whitehouse. The only thing he is succeeding in is transformation of this once great country.
You are so right Senator Paul - we need a gazillion of them. Doesn't look like anyone is interesting in fixing the voter fraud and so we had better have far more then enough to counteract that. Let's just hope there is a 2016 election and not just barry up for third term or king!
Couldn't agree more
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Obama the Unembarrassable

June56 Wrote: Jul 26, 2013 11:16 PM
So true and such a great article as always David. The rat has no conscience, no morals, no respect - not even for himself. To get caught in so many lies, distortions and deceitfulness and yet gets in front the of camera time and time again as if all if just honky dory. I have said many times he is either on drugs or never really sobers up because those seem to be the only reason.
Never mind the article - my question is how can any female be that desperate to not only fall for such an ugly looking, obnoxious dirtball but then we used time and time again by him. All I have to say is she deserves everything he has handed her - they deserve each other.
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Does Morality Matter in Politics Anymore?

June56 Wrote: Jul 26, 2013 7:39 PM
Does morality matter at all anywhere anymore is probably an even better question.
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