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Solidarity all the way from the picket line to the unemployment line to the welfare line! Yay unions!
The divider in chief neglected to mention Senator Ayotte because it didn't fit his devisive "War on Women" theme. If Rice becomes Secretary of State is Obama going to have to accompany her everywhere in case anyone hurts her feelings? What a joke!
I'd have done it again to see if he would actually "punch me out". What a joke!
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Allen West Demands Hand Recount

junborn72 Wrote: Nov 08, 2012 8:14 AM
Stay on 'em Colonel!
PMSNBC will have their highest ratings ever tomorrow night when we all tune in to watch the meltdown. It will be epic.
Demonrats lie! And Alec Baldwin twice promised to move out of the country if Bush won, but he's still here!
My sentiments exactly!
100% chance Buzz Feed's Mckay Coppins says something stupid today!
Except for N. Carolina and Virginia, which were largely spared ,none of the states affected by Sandy were going republican anyway. So voter turnout won't negatively affect Romney.
Great, then he cannot meet with him for months on end! Jobs council redux!
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