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Someone Tell President Obama: American Bridges Aren't "Crumbling"

Jullou Wrote: Feb 23, 2013 1:30 PM
Rather careless of Obama to not have a real birth certificate when running for POTUS, and then he has "his people" make a fake one. He was indoctrinated into Communism as a boy and man. "His people" are Communists/Marxists and he supports the Muslim Brotherhood. Yet the media gives "Obama Chaos and Income Redistribution, Inc" a pass. Conservatives don't look foolish; it is the group of people with their heads still in the sand that look foolish. These same people helped get him re-elected by not taking a stand. These are the foolish ones, not the people who dare to speak out, who are actually doing something, because they are the realists with eyes wide open.
President Obama has been on a blitz while pushing what seems to be an evergreen priority for Democrats these days: "infrastructure investment." In his State of the Union speech, President Obama spoke of Merica's "deteriorating roads and bridges" and proposed what he called a "Fix-It-First" program that would see the government hire construction workers to work on America's infrastructure.

This worry is overblown. The Reason Foundation put out a report this week that found America's infrastructure is in fine shape, though there's certainly work to be done.

All 50 states lowered their highway fatality rates from 1989 to 2008...